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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Occupation Wage Data Research Tool Updates

Recent, major updates to the WiredPages Employment page, provided an opportunity to recheck other tools and data sources already available on the page.

It turns out, the Department of Labor has updated many of the occupational titles and their associated codes, so the Occupation Wage Data, research tool, developed using a CareerOneStop API, made requests of the resource that were no longer valid.

This discovery, made only today, was an easy fix (used Excel to massage the data, for inclusion in the program), however other updates I wanted to make to the table, I felt were a little more time consuming.

Mainly, the color scheme of the research tool. Illustrations below, show the old table color scheme and the Excel data providing the updated list of occupational titles and codes.

The image below shows the new color scheme as well as some of the other widgets and graphs recently added to the page.

It is a busy time, and I really wanted more time to adjust new color options for the research tool. This to explain why more updates may be in the works at a later date. Currently, enrolled in a class and have a final exam at the end of the month.

Also note, some of the new codes, Military, etc. are not yet providing results via the API. New wage data for 2020 will be available shortly, though I am not sure if this is the reason the new occupational titles and codes are returning invalid results responses from the API.

Friday, September 30, 2016

New Celebrity Birthday Interface & Issues...

Last week I finished populating the Celebrity Birthday Database I maintain locally on my Macbook. It was a manual process, in that I no longer maintain the database online for security reasons.

In the past, the WiredPages Style and Events page used the data within a Java Applet to provide visitors with the current Celebrity Birthdays.

Initially, I developed a JDBC servlet which on a daily basis- extracted the data from a source and then inserted the data to my online database. About 3 months before retrieving all of the data for a complete year of celebrity birthdays- I made a mistake and deleted most of the records. The most recent backup was missing about a month of the records.

Also when I checked the online database, I found the data was corrupt. Birthdays that I had intentionally deleted, [that first year I checked every day to insure the data being inserted would be useful to WiredPages visitors and therefore manually deleted some of the records my software inserted]-- were somehow reinserted. I know this was malicious because of the birthdays selected for reinsertion.

I maintain several databases I custom built for WiredPages, and the Celebrity Birthday Database perhaps the most valuable in that the data was mined from a credible source-- initially with software.

Because of the security issues with both the idea of theft of the database and the insertion of data I did not want, I chose not to leave a credible database online at the current location.

My plan was/is to move the entire site to a more secure host and create and build the new version online from the Celebrity Birthday Database I maintain on my Macbook.

I have been planning this move for awhile. Right now, mainly hoping that DOJ and others help with the resolution of the many legal issues involved with my business and personal affairs.

So though I try to do very little in the way of coding, and even less in the way of updating anything online-- I did do a little work today.

I am moving away from the Java Applet and starting to work on new interfaces that provide the same data to WiredPages' visitors without the Applet. In the future, I will continue to use Java-- however mostly only Java Servlet technology. This will be more friendly for mobile devices and the newer browsers being used with the latest releases of operating systems, i.e., Windows 10, Chrome, etc..

Shown below-- my work environment today, including my IDE, local Database Management Software and a Firefox browser window showing how the new Celebrity Birthday Interface will look. The interface is shown in stand alone mode-- however will be easy to integrate on the WiredPages Style & Events Page when I decide to move everything online.

I was so pleased to complete the insertion of the remaining records to the local Celebrity Birthday Database earlier in the week, I could not wait to rewrite the JDBC Servlet interface to access the data. I really miss coding and researching new ideas for WiredPages. I hope to get moving on other updates in the near future, however wanted to provide some of the details involved.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

QiSoftware Widget/Tool Status

As you are aware, over the years I have developed a myriad of Web 2.0 tools and widgets for use on WiredPages. Over the last two years several tools have become inoperable because the resources I used to power the tools no longer work the way they did when I wrote the individual interfaces.

The reasons I do not update code in this time period-- are well documented. Legal issues with Washington are unresolved and the security of my working code would be at risk. Many of the repairs were easy because I have all of my old source code and I have already researched ways to correct the problems.

That said, over the weekend I received notification from my web hosting provider that the IP address for my domain would be changing. I thought there would be a problem, in that I include a security feature in most of programs that disables the program if it is not being served up from one of my sites [ and] via the respective IP addresses that were assigned when I originally wrote the code.

Yesterday, most of the widgets went dead. They are not really dead, they simply will provide a "not authorized" message insofar as usage because the IP address changed for

The IP change has also affected the Amazon Widget I developed for the It's Personal Blog. All versions of the Blogger Calendar remain operational.

At this time, I have no plans to make the necessary minor updates to the underlying source code for the programs to make the tools operational again. It is more related to security issues.

This note, simply to explain the issues involved. There is also a blog post [dated March 9th, 2014-- I try not to link to Q's Wire in that someday I hope to remove that personal blog from] on Q's Wire that discusses the IP change and what would most likely happen.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Web Hosting Bill & Payment 12-12 thru 2-13

Just in case there is a problem-- wanted it noted I paid this invoice for web hosting to DailyRazor today via my PayPal account.

Here is the online transaction record from my PayPal account.

Normally, PayPal is good about sending right away a receipt indicating I made the payment. Today, for whatever reason I did not get the email confirmation.

One of the earpiece threats lately- close If this does happen I will blog at to provide details. PayPal part of the settlement process I discuss a great deal in my personal blog- taht said I am sure there is no connection to this delay in the confirmation email.

The support ticket I opened 11.26.12 after receiving a suspension notice.

Update: 11.29.12 Payment applied- 11.27.12. I have not been online for a couple of days so this update a little late. Busy-- telling Robert Hale why Heidi looks german. No other news to report.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ran Local Weather App Tests-- Success

This morning I ran tests on my local version of the World Weather Tool. I know I said I was not doing this- but wanted to check into it anyway. Works fine. Here are some screen grabs.


The malfunction of this application online appears to be because someone has installed a version other than mine. Yes, when I first noticed this problem I did reinstall the associated applet and servlet files-- however at the time it did not work. I was sure I cleared my applet buffers just in case. Tampering with my files is unauthorized and I have asked the proper authorities to look into it- over and over.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

AP News & Weather Tool Dead

Overnight the AP News interfaces installed on several WiredPages along with the World Weather Tool on the homepage-- went into disrepair. In that I want to move to a dedicated server sometime in the future-- I have decided to allow things like this to go for now.

Why keep the site online if I am planning to do this? As I have indicated before-- I do plan on revamping the entire news service however I am not interested in writing or updating code for an IP that I will discontinue using sometime in the future. My code is tied to IPs and domains to prevent others from using it. Updating code at this time would be a stupid security mistake on my part and I have decided to let it go for now.

FYI-- Limited updates will be tested offline and be readied for online production when I get the sites moved. I repeat limited.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amazon Interface Issues 08.12

The Amazon interface I use on some of the WiredPages and my personal blog [It's Personal], is timing out on its current host. I have seen this problem before, meaning there is nothing wrong with my software nor my API-KEY.

The interface is hosted on my web hosting site-- When this has happened in the past with other interfaces, I have opted out of moving the problem interface to where it would more than likely work since it is working in local mode. The screen grab below shows the tests I ran this morning to find the problem.

There was no problem. I have no plans to change the interface, its hosting location nor the pages that use the interface. What this means for visitors? You will probably notice some slow down on page loading and the absence of the interface or a traceback-- depending on how your browser is configured. Hope that my web hosts and others correct their issues shortly.

DOJ/FBI fraud issue still on the table.

Update 09.11.12: Working again.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Legal Notices: Hosting & Affiliates

I have or have had-- affiliate agreements with big names including:

  • Linkshare [iTunes, 1800-Flowers, Apple, CompUSA, etc.]
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Adsense
  • Wall Street Journal [late 1999- 2002 or so]
  • Indeed
  • Template Monster
  • Amazon

According to affiliate stats-- I have made the following [over all time]:

  • Linkshare [iTunes, 1800-Flowers, Apple, CompUSA, etc.] $0.00
  • Commission Junction -- $0.00
  • Google Adsense- $77.45 since March 25, 2005-- payout when it reaches $100. No earnings since late last year.
  • Wall Street Journal [late 1999- 2002 or so] $0.00
  • Indeed $7.42
  • Template Monster $0.00
  • Amazon [about] $25.00

I am currently going through a process wherein most of the affiliates are trying to make a deal-- yet it never seems to go anywhere.

The flag-- after settlement is made, terms will be ironed out for flat rates because affiliates like Indeed and Amazon believe it is a better plan. I have tentatively agreed to flat rate plans in the future however wonder if someone did not do this in the past [or currently] and unlawfully collecting from the proceeds of my sites? Why would I ask this? Most affiliates claim I have no hits, impressions nor clicks-- and since I do not currently, nor have I ever-- had flat rate agreements- I am wondering why I do not see hit and impression counts in the statistical information provided by each affiliate. I see none. Payment information with Linkshare [bank routing and account number showing in payment information-- tax number is my social for QiSoftware which is a sole proprietorship-- and even my business bank account reflects the "sole owner" status of the account], CJ, Amazon [Amazon successfully paid to my business bank about a year ago] and Google Adense all show my social and business bank information. Why would legitimate organizations ignore the information they have on file and suggest they made agreements outside of the agreements they offer online that I signed up with?

I am trying to cover all of the bases. In the past I often said I could prove fraud because my affiliate stats show no payments, impressions nor clicks. A flat rate? I am just hearing about this method of payment and I have never made any agreements like that. I wanted to in the future.

This is a legal notice. My social security number is also noted amongst the affiliate information for each of these services and if one or any of these affiliate partners sent payment to anyone other than me-- it should show a social [tax number] or to whom the payment was sent-- if the claim was they thought they had a legal agreement. I have only the [online] agreements I signed up with-- and often all of the affiliate partners have sent new terms. Why if I have separate agreements at a flat rate? I owe fraud. No social or tax number-- they knew it was fraud in the first place.

Another issue? The web host is claiming I did not pay the bill for the upcoming quarter [June 1, 2012 - August 31, 2012]. I did. I am hoping this is simply a holiday timing issue and the suspension notice I received was in err because they did not receive the notification that PayPal sent, I sent and the payment my bank shows I made on the May 24th 2012. I paid the bill on May 23rd, 2012. I will post screen grabs later-- however if this site [] goes down-- this is the explanation I offer. Web host received the payment simply did not update their database.

Regina Thomas

Date: May 31, 2012 Experiencing load problems with WiredPages and interfaces maintained on Had to deny access to a range of APNIC IPs to insure the servers do not drop. Access denied for the subdomain WiredPages and all of All other areas of the world should have no problem accessing WiredPages and Forced Access All-- so everyone but the specified APNIC IPs are provided access to my sites. Sorry for any inconvenience. Believe there is a criminal investigation going on. System level access may have been tampered with to prevent my site from getting traffic. I have forced allow access all-- except some APNIC IPs. Do not change my site conditions-- maybe a criminal investigation. Changing system level values could also get some into trouble.

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Monday, April 02, 2012

WiredPages Testing...

I took WiredPages down early last week because the Congress interface I use on the Government & Education page went into disrepair. The problem, my api key worked however retrieval of Federal congressional representatives failed to return the requests. Direct browser requests using my APi-key worked fine.

I have seen this issue before. I believe it is related to some who feel I should move my interfaces to where the WiredPages site is hosted. There are several reasons some may try to force this. I use security triggers within the interfaces and I believe some are hoping I will change them and triggers- to get them to run on sites I have not authorized them to run on. I am not.

I may put the site back up sooner rather than later and will start testing today-- however wish to remind all-- I have no deals associated with advertising on WiredPages with the exception of these affiliate partners.

  • Indeed
  • itunes
  • Amazon

What this means-- because these are affiliate ads-- I can take the site down whenever I like. If someone contacts you about payment for a link listed on WiredPages belonging to your organization or business-- you should contact the FBI. Until I get prepaid advertising-- I can take the site down whenever I like-- so those trying to get unauthorized payments should cease at once. WiredPages and QiSoftware belong to Regina D. Thomas. Affiliate marketing also belongs to Regina D. Thomas accounts. Payment to others from WiredPages constitutes fraud. I do not like coercion, trickery nor threats. Do not keep making the same mistakes.

Today, I called the Department of Justice to check the status of Internet fraud claims-- among other things. I am still waiting on a callback. Explanation as to why I would reinstall the site today. I also once again, provided my business site- so they could check. Thought it would be a good idea to show WiredPages up and running.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

how are hosting records set?

When I have tried to show potential clients links with working interfaces- the claim has sometimes been, it does not work. As I have indicated in the past-- all of my interfaces work from my vantage point.

That said, I have been doing some research into server moves for and in the year 2009-- that I am wondering has not caused me problems insofar as getting proper credit with affiliate interfaces. The server moves or migrations were done by my web hosts and only the move required I change name servers.

The two posts I am referencing:

Here is a screen grab of the current hosting IP for which looks nothing like the new IP LunarPages said I would need when they migrated the server. The one LunarPages sent started with 67...

Why is this important-- that the two IP hosts do not agree? First of all you can see that the one listed with Enom is the original-- the one before the migration-- but I had to change software interfaces that I run on to the other because they would no longer work with the original. This looks bad. You will note I cannot change the hosting record. But I think this is automatic based on the nameservers. What I can do is change the custom nameservers. Here are the two screen grabs from enom showing the custom name servers I use for

I simply do not quite understand why when LunarPages informed me in late December 2008 that my servers would be migrating in early January 2009-- why the new IP 67... had to be used with my existing interfaces. I also remember it worked for a moment but I had to change the interfaces within days of the migration. I thought this was always odd- and wanted Federal investigators to have what I have in case they had not checked into it themselves.

My interfaces should work no matter who is requesting a page. My feeling is that they are only seen by local U.S. residents. The flag is the Amazon Affiliate Interface I have been using since January 2012, with my personal blog and WiredPages to show the FBI an issue with fraud. The numbers from Amazon simply look incorrect and I am searching for possible reasons.

Both Amazon interfaces [one for my personal blog and the other for WiredPages] are hosted on I do this to protect QiSoftware and since QiSoftware/Regina Thomas own the registration for both domains-- it should line up. It really is not but more importantly neither are Amazon's numbers. I am hoping to help them find the problem in this loud public forum.

Since you can see from the hosting record-- a redacted IP address which is the original [2007] that does not look like the one provided my LunarPages in late 2008, that I cannot change it, I am wondering if this might be part of the problem and if the hosting record is set automatically.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012 Load Issues

This morning-- where most of the interfaces that are used by WiredPages are hosted-- seems to be experiencing heavy loads.

This appears to be because of the number of hits to WiredPages interfaces-- however where WiredPages is hosted-- is not reporting the same traffic patterns. As a matter of fact-- Alexa has continually reported dropping traffic patterns for, since the first of month with another big decrease [from 6,200,000 to 7,000,000] last night. Around the second week into February there was a major decrease from about 1,200,000 to 6,000,000.

In the past when I have noticed a sudden increase on one of my servers, like I am seeing this morning-- I have selectively prevented IPs from accessing the site in question. In this case it would have to be done from to stop the heavy load to

Why is this occurring now? Not sure-- but I wish that this uptick in traffic-- was reflected by stats for both sites.

Because my site['s] traffic consistently looks a little suspect-- on occasion I have considered prohibiting entire regions from accessing areas of the site. A former personal blog and a forum on those areas considered. The World's IP Regions include:

If the load continues on, I will have to block some IP addresses. I cannot afford to have out of service. My sites are meant as promotional tools for my business with the hope they are useful and provide ideas as to the type of services QiSoftware offers.

Lot of abstract noise about will continue to host most of the interfaces used on WiredPages. If the site goes down-- the interfaces will be removed from WiredPages until I can get up and running again. This has not happened yet-- but I have felt a little pressure on this score-- and I do not want any misunderstandings.

Another issue that should not be ignored? Alexa an Amazon offering- would also be out of sync insofar as traffic reports-- and currently the Amazon Interfaces I run throughout WiredPages and my personal blog-- should reflect the same traffic as the interfaces on The Amazon interfaces are affiliate interfaces. Tomorrow, I will be able to see whether traffic reports from Amazon are consistent. I repeat-- I will not be moving WiredPages interfaces to

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rewrite Issues

On January 24th, 2012, I noticed issues with several browsers on an older Mac platform had problems accessing sub-domains of Since I had no other problems on other systems and at least one browser on the older Mac was working, I thought it was isolated to that platform and those specific browsers.

This morning I decided to check .htaccess files just to make sure and found the problem. Someone had set the rewrite engine "on" and there were a set of Apache http server commands in the file. I am not well versed in Apache system commands and did not do this.

What the set of Apache server commands looked like:

This is a warning. I am the only person that should access these files on and tampering with my site[s] should cease at once.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeds Break

Yesterday evening, in the midst of the blackouts instituted by Google, Wikipedia and several other large organizations, I noticed one of my interfaces stopped working. I am sure the interface was working earlier in the day, because the page it is on-- is one I check constantly during the day.

The broken feed was on the WiredPages-- Arts & Entertainment page. This morning when I noticed it was still in disrepair-- I did not research the code-- instead planned to put up a temporary xml file that my program would read.

The data for the feed is updated weekly, so simply updating the xml file every Monday would have been a relatively easy task-- until I could find a replacement data source.

That is when I loaded my IDE and looked at the code-- in anticipation of using the new temporary xml file. Turns out-- it was a little more involved than my data source not updating a feed. I corrected the problem without using the temporary xml file. The fix-- would not be an easy repair for someone without my experience.

When my news service was very young-- 2002 or so- XML and RSS were not widely offered. Today they are and what I know think of as the more conventional mode of data delivery between sites. Back then, to populate my site with news headlines I often used unconventional methods to obtain the headlines. Hard? Not for someone with my c background.

Today, of course pretty xml files exist-- that I use often. The data source that broke was not a pretty xml file.

That said-- when I build interfaces for clients-- I do not use unconventional methods to get the data, however often API or web service providers make things hard for developers. A web service or API provider is unlikely to change how the data is offered over the course of a year or two- so not a problem for most programmers or their clients. Unconventional [but legal] retrieval of data-- is less guaranteed to work after a period of time- and the reason most programmers do not offer these services to clients.

All of this to say- if QiSoftware builds your interface-- it will work within 24 hours after a problem arises-- for the lifetime of the application.

I get to issues with my news service when I feel like it -- so if you too noticed the break when I did yesterday-- I made a mistake thinking my data source was participating in the black out [partial] and I did not even investigate the problem until this morning. Your house is not my house. I would have looked at a client's problem long before I did my own.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Web Site Maintenance

Recently, I have been inundated with repairs and updates to WiredPages and other areas of my sites.

Whenever I experience times like this-- I often wonder what other web site owners requiring the same type of emergency "repairs", do. I can stop whatever I am doing, and make the repairs. I am the programmer and designer behind all of the work for my sites.

In that the repairs are mostly to interfaces I maintain on WiredPages-- how is it that I focus business promotion on similar tools for your sites?

Recently, I read a job proposal wherein the job poster wanted a guarantee that anyone providing him with a new PHP script for his project-- also provide a guarantee it would not break within months.

I thought to myself-- well one thing the poster might want to do-- is consider a non-open script language [PHP is an open script language] for his project. I did not bid on his project.

Did you know-- that when web hosts find a problem with a script that requires too much in the way of system resources-- they can disable it very easily, at their discretion? And, if you check the fine print of your hosting agreement-- in most cases-- it is perfectly legal. The script is open source and sitting on their servers.

Java Servlet interfaces-- in most cases, prevents this type of tampering by web hosts. Also-- because the Java Servlet is more efficient than the PHP script, anyway-- the web host is less likely to consider it the resource hog or problem.

So what about maintenance issues for QiSoftware developed interfaces? QiSoftware guarantees the repair of custom interfaces within 24 hours of notice-- for the life of the QiSoftware developed custom interface.

Hosting-Q, QiSoftware's web hosting service- also offers hosting plans with built in maintenance agreements. Read our fine print here. Lower right corner of the sidebar.

Recently, I had several issues that I documented on my personal blog-- and also provided a cost estimate to have the work done on the outside.

I do not take on all clients. I work hard at keeping clients I do take- happy. I also fix-- what breaks. And, I put it in writing.

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Friday, January 06, 2012

Consumer Guide Interface Update

Spoke with a representative from the consumer guide whose interface I installed recently on WiredPages- and subsequently removed within days-- because access was blocked. Reminder, my interface could access their API from, however I opted out of this solution.

Bit of an odd conversation. He called on the premise I had posted a branding question in their forums earlier-- and he wanted to get in touch on that basis- according to his email. He called around 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday. Quite frankly, since he set the call time and it was for 3:00 p.m., I thought he decided to cancel. When he did call-- I was again surprised that he seemed to want nothing.

He did indicate he did not want my API interface to run in "that location"-- and I said okay. I started with the branding question-- but he wanted to talk about the interface.

Business wise-- I am direct. I deal in logic on a daily basis and do not deal in abstracts-- unless to try and understand someone else's. If I did deal in abstracts, as related to business- I would never get anything done. Read my blog posts over the last 6 months. I have gotten a lot done- under less than optimal conditions.

You are a real business person- I do not need to explain this to you. I had already explained in at least two personal blog entries-- I would not be moving interfaces from to

Posting this reminder on the more official business blog-- to see if real business people want to stop wasting my time..

In a movie I saw with William Hurt, who played Hank Paulson-- "Too Big to Fail"-- Hurt says-- "they grinned f'd us". Was this an attempt on his part to grin ...? Why? I knew what I was not going to be doing-- so he wasted his dime-- and the email he sent to set the appointment.. I expect this from government workers. Not real business people.

I am in business. I had already made my plans clear. I repeat, I am in business. Real business people should believe my no- and not waste my time. U.S. government [locals silly enough to interfere too]-- do not have your people call as related to my business. I am owed calls from the FBI and DOJ. I do not expect calls from government personnel unless from those I have indicated.. Tired of telling you this. And believe me - if I am posting about this-- in this blog, you should pay attention.

I got up from the call with a big, huh? Why on earth did he call. I did not feel grin f'd. I felt I was dealing with someone not as clever as he thought he was.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

WiredPages Advertising Plans...

Over the weekend I contacted Expedia to inquire about a direct partnership insofar as advertising for WiredPages, specifically the Dining & Travel page.

You will recall, I had an affiliate relationship with Expedia until last Spring when I decided to discontinue my association with Commission Junction, under whose oversight the relationship existed. Because Expedia has its own API, which I used to create the original CJ/Expedia interface- the interface still works -- as illustrated in the graphic on the right, ran standalone from NetBeans just a moment ago, so the deals are in effect as of the date of this blog post.

My goal-- to put some sort of advertising interface on each of the WiredPages-- where there is currently an open area in the lower right corner. To date- many of the pages already have an existing tool in the area I have designated for this purpose-- and those tools will not be replaced-- with the exception of iTunes on the Arts & Entertainment page. The reason, there are currently two iTunes interfaces on the page.

I like the idea of understated advertising-- and since my goal is to also promote my services insofar as implementation of tools and interfaces that provide data or advertising, these interfaces provide example. Understated. Consistent, without being too "in your face".

Also over the weekend-- Friday, I tweaked the new Amazon Web Services interface making it more narrow to fit in the lower right area of the WiredPages. Shorter pages will have a version of the Amazon interface that only returns one result while pages with more dead space in the designated area- will have an interface very similar to the one illustrated on the right.

I have toyed with the idea of limiting the search categories, to only those consistent with the page where the interface will be installed. For instance, the Sports page's interface offering only Fitness, Exercise and Outdoors category searches. I am still thinking about this.

Time frame for all of this? Spring 2012, unless I get news from DOJ/FBI earlier. Oh no.. she has started discussing the FBI over here too? Yes. Not only am I trying to promote neat things that can be done with web sites, but I also need big time fraud--- that cannot be ignored by the FBI. In that my personal blog, at this time is unavailable for this type of discussion-- I am providing the information here.

Why so far out? Currently, I believe there are outside parties who are interested in taking over QiSoftware and the interfaces. The problem? The interfaces only work with my sites. The only way around this is to take it over. FBI- owes a cease and desist to those parties. I have no plans of handing over my hard work to filth I do not owe. I think part of the reason I am having a banking/hosting legal issue at this time. I reported the problem. I have shown the theft. Other than asking the FBI to intervene, not much else I can do. Go to my bank.. then I run the risk of negating what was said would be done in the first place... vicious circle.

If the legal issue I am currently a bit distracted with is not cleared up by this Friday, I will start a new personal blog for posts like this. The blog name-- New Day.. after a song I like by George Benson.

One way or another- I plan to have all understand- I said no. Get out of my business and off of my sites.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Macbook Display Issues

Working problems associated with a black screen on my Macbook. Able to use an external VGA monitor with a mini DVI adapter but this issue has grabbed my attention since Sunday, Oct. 16th, 2011. If it is a software issue [and not a hardware issue]-- which I believe it is-- I am determined to find it.

This Thingamablog blog post entry submitted from the Macbook in question- so all is not lost.

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