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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amazon Interface Issues 08.12

The Amazon interface I use on some of the WiredPages and my personal blog [It's Personal], is timing out on its current host. I have seen this problem before, meaning there is nothing wrong with my software nor my API-KEY.

The interface is hosted on my web hosting site-- When this has happened in the past with other interfaces, I have opted out of moving the problem interface to where it would more than likely work since it is working in local mode. The screen grab below shows the tests I ran this morning to find the problem.

There was no problem. I have no plans to change the interface, its hosting location nor the pages that use the interface. What this means for visitors? You will probably notice some slow down on page loading and the absence of the interface or a traceback-- depending on how your browser is configured. Hope that my web hosts and others correct their issues shortly.

DOJ/FBI fraud issue still on the table.

Update 09.11.12: Working again.

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