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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Remix Advertising

  • InBusiness Tab Link
  • All Pages
  • random single link amongst a possible of 10.
  • $10.00 per month.
  • Sub-header Graphic [under date]
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  • size constraints: 180px width, 150px height
  • $30.00 per month.
  • Sponsor Tab Graphic
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  • size constraints: 200px width, 120px height
  • $20.00 per month.

    The receipt of an order confirmation does not constitute the acceptance of an order or a confirmation of an offer to sell. QiSoftware reserves the right, without prior notification, to limit the order ad quantity on any item and/or to refuse service to any customer. Verification of information may be required prior to the acceptance of any order. Prices and availability of products on the Site are subject to change without notice.

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