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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

QiSoftware Business Renewal- 2014, 2019

QiSoftware, a legal business entity in the State of Maryland was recently renewed for another 5 years. See this link for the previous reference.

The most recent renewal information for QiSoftware, is shown in the following graphic.

Recent changes on Maryland's Online Business Search site have voided the old links I maintained on this blog which provided quick access to QiSoftware business information maintained by the state.

To access the information now, click on this link and use either the Entity Name "QiSoftware" or Department ID="T00212348" option from the pull menu [lower page area] to review the business information for QiSoftware.

Post updated 12/01/16 to reflect new link for business searches. Post updated 06/18/18 to reflect new link for business searches.

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