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Friday, April 08, 2011

New Interface: Government Reps.

I have been working on a new interface. It retrieves federal and state representatives provided a United States address. I have provided the illustration.

I am still beta testing and adding new features-- however will probably do nothing further until I hear from the source provider. I want to install the tool on the WiredPages Government page.

This is a Java Servlet that utilizes two feed resources. Not complicated [like the Horoscopes Interface]. This will be a work in progress because of the interesting data source. I will provide more details later. This is a project I hope I can get many interested in-- [the data source providers].

Sunlight Labs is for the most part powering this new interface [using a geo service to convert addresses to lat/long]. SunLight Labs is still working to gather a robust set of data as related to state governments-- so if your state representatives are not available, be patient. That said-- if you would like to see if you can help to get the data they need -- see this link. also a good link for state related information.

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