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Monday, September 05, 2022

Google Universal Analytics to G4 Switch Over (G4 Ready)

For the last six months, Google Analytics has shown the notice illustrated in the following graphic as related to the network of QiSoftware sites.

As related to analytics, all QiSoftware sites (see below) are listed as part of the same network, with Google. QiSoftware sites and subdomains using Google Analytics include:

Since WiredShops and are sites installed within the last year, the Google Analytics 4 tags were automatically created when I registered the new domains with my Google Analytics account. In both cases, because other services use Google Analytics as the source for their statistical data, however have yet to make the switch to G4, I had to also setup the old universal tags to ensure the new sites were found.

In addition, recent updates to the Google Admanager resource now allow users (you or your organization may use an online ad manager service to perform these tasks) to list all sites and subdomains setup using the Google Analytics 4 (G4) tag for each related Admanager account.

Illustrated in the following graphic, newly listed QiSoftware sites with the Google Admanager account.

Are your sites G4 ready?

Sunday, October 07, 2018

QiSoftware Web Hosting Service, Retired

In late September (2018), a scheduled server move of the domain (QiSoftware Web Hosting site) caused an unforeseen issue, resulting in a re-evaulation of the QiSoftware Web Hosting service offering.

The decision was made early last week to retire the web hosting offering, and links were quickly removed. On Friday, the site ( was moved to a new hosting service and IP addresses updated.

Part of the problem, did not have enough in the way of resources to handle the many Java server side applications used on WiredPages and other areas of

QiSoftware core development efforts have always centered on Java software implementation. In 2002, when QiSoftware first went online, many web hosting services did not offer affordable JSP Web Hosting support.

The problem? If potential clients could not afford JSP hosting, then how could they afford QiSoftware Software? Business dictated offering the JSP web hosting support. went online in 2006, however never really had clients. Contact the FBI if you have questions.

Today, most web hosting services offer affordable JSP Web Hosting support, making QiSoftware's own web hosting reseller offering, an unaffordable "business" & "legal" luxury.

The site, will remain part of the QiSoftware online business network, however now only a background resource.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Business Accountability

A recent project required business verification documentation for QiSoftware. QiSoftware is a registered business (search QiSoftware) in the State of Maryland.

Along with a scanned copy of the document Maryland sent when the business renewal process was complete in 2014 [original registration 2004], images similar to those illustrated below were also provided to the requesting organization.

These days, many organizations providing online resources are more likely to request business verification documentation from businesses and individuals requesting use of their data and resources.

Business bank accounts in most states, including Maryland have for sometime required business verification before accounts are opened. Everything is becoming more accountable.

There is also a QiSoftware Business Filing link in the sidebar of this blog under the "Pages" subheading.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Remix now reporting its own Google Analytics and the associated sub-domains use several metric services to measure site analytics and traffic, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Quantcast
  • Compete
  • ShareThis-- recently stopped offering analytics services, however source pages still show the old scripts.
  • Alexa

I have been using these services for some time, however tend to get around to adding new definitions or isolation parameters in a haphazard non-timely manner, especially where Google Analytics is concerned.

For instance, most sub-domains of gather and report information using the same top-level Analytics tracking code as that used by the main domain-

What this means? It is harder to separate and visualize traffic from let's say- traffic to this blog [].

Sometime ago, I added a separate tracking code for "It's Personal", my personal blog at mainly to experiment. Up until recently, I had separate tracking codes for the following qisoftware properties:


As noted by the following illustrations, a couple of days ago [Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015], I added a separate tracking code for Remix the sub-domain [this blog].

I also had to make minor updates to the underlying theme for my Thingamablog Template and update one of the Custom Tags. Illustration shows the Thingamablog application where these updates are used:

Remix [this blog], is not as popular as some of the other areas of, and as of today, showing "temporarily unavailable" for data being received by Google Analytics. Below, I am showing illustrations from the Google Analytics App of both It's Personal tracking and the new Remix.

When I move the site, and make necessary changes to both WiredPages and the NS&J Forums, I will add separate tracking codes for these areas too. Most of my site's [] areas use ecommerce ads and tools-- so I am hoping these more specific tracking codes for each area will help to produce more insights for better site monetization.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

QiSoftware Business Renewal- 2014, 2019

QiSoftware, a legal business entity in the State of Maryland was recently renewed for another 5 years. See this link for the previous reference.

The most recent renewal information for QiSoftware, is shown in the following graphic.

Recent changes on Maryland's Online Business Search site have voided the old links I maintained on this blog which provided quick access to QiSoftware business information maintained by the state.

To access the information now, click on this link and use either the Entity Name "QiSoftware" or Department ID="T00212348" option from the pull menu [lower page area] to review the business information for QiSoftware.

Post updated 12/01/16 to reflect new link for business searches. Post updated 06/18/18 to reflect new link for business searches.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Web Hosting Bill & Payment 12-12 thru 2-13

Just in case there is a problem-- wanted it noted I paid this invoice for web hosting to DailyRazor today via my PayPal account.

Here is the online transaction record from my PayPal account.

Normally, PayPal is good about sending right away a receipt indicating I made the payment. Today, for whatever reason I did not get the email confirmation.

One of the earpiece threats lately- close If this does happen I will blog at to provide details. PayPal part of the settlement process I discuss a great deal in my personal blog- taht said I am sure there is no connection to this delay in the confirmation email.

The support ticket I opened 11.26.12 after receiving a suspension notice.

Update: 11.29.12 Payment applied- 11.27.12. I have not been online for a couple of days so this update a little late. Busy-- telling Robert Hale why Heidi looks german. No other news to report.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ran Local Weather App Tests-- Success

This morning I ran tests on my local version of the World Weather Tool. I know I said I was not doing this- but wanted to check into it anyway. Works fine. Here are some screen grabs.


The malfunction of this application online appears to be because someone has installed a version other than mine. Yes, when I first noticed this problem I did reinstall the associated applet and servlet files-- however at the time it did not work. I was sure I cleared my applet buffers just in case. Tampering with my files is unauthorized and I have asked the proper authorities to look into it- over and over.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amazon Interface Issues 08.12

The Amazon interface I use on some of the WiredPages and my personal blog [It's Personal], is timing out on its current host. I have seen this problem before, meaning there is nothing wrong with my software nor my API-KEY.

The interface is hosted on my web hosting site-- When this has happened in the past with other interfaces, I have opted out of moving the problem interface to where it would more than likely work since it is working in local mode. The screen grab below shows the tests I ran this morning to find the problem.

There was no problem. I have no plans to change the interface, its hosting location nor the pages that use the interface. What this means for visitors? You will probably notice some slow down on page loading and the absence of the interface or a traceback-- depending on how your browser is configured. Hope that my web hosts and others correct their issues shortly.

DOJ/FBI fraud issue still on the table.

Update 09.11.12: Working again.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Legal Notices: Hosting & Affiliates

I have or have had-- affiliate agreements with big names including:

  • Linkshare [iTunes, 1800-Flowers, Apple, CompUSA, etc.]
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Adsense
  • Wall Street Journal [late 1999- 2002 or so]
  • Indeed
  • Template Monster
  • Amazon

According to affiliate stats-- I have made the following [over all time]:

  • Linkshare [iTunes, 1800-Flowers, Apple, CompUSA, etc.] $0.00
  • Commission Junction -- $0.00
  • Google Adsense- $77.45 since March 25, 2005-- payout when it reaches $100. No earnings since late last year.
  • Wall Street Journal [late 1999- 2002 or so] $0.00
  • Indeed $7.42
  • Template Monster $0.00
  • Amazon [about] $25.00

I am currently going through a process wherein most of the affiliates are trying to make a deal-- yet it never seems to go anywhere.

The flag-- after settlement is made, terms will be ironed out for flat rates because affiliates like Indeed and Amazon believe it is a better plan. I have tentatively agreed to flat rate plans in the future however wonder if someone did not do this in the past [or currently] and unlawfully collecting from the proceeds of my sites? Why would I ask this? Most affiliates claim I have no hits, impressions nor clicks-- and since I do not currently, nor have I ever-- had flat rate agreements- I am wondering why I do not see hit and impression counts in the statistical information provided by each affiliate. I see none. Payment information with Linkshare [bank routing and account number showing in payment information-- tax number is my social for QiSoftware which is a sole proprietorship-- and even my business bank account reflects the "sole owner" status of the account], CJ, Amazon [Amazon successfully paid to my business bank about a year ago] and Google Adense all show my social and business bank information. Why would legitimate organizations ignore the information they have on file and suggest they made agreements outside of the agreements they offer online that I signed up with?

I am trying to cover all of the bases. In the past I often said I could prove fraud because my affiliate stats show no payments, impressions nor clicks. A flat rate? I am just hearing about this method of payment and I have never made any agreements like that. I wanted to in the future.

This is a legal notice. My social security number is also noted amongst the affiliate information for each of these services and if one or any of these affiliate partners sent payment to anyone other than me-- it should show a social [tax number] or to whom the payment was sent-- if the claim was they thought they had a legal agreement. I have only the [online] agreements I signed up with-- and often all of the affiliate partners have sent new terms. Why if I have separate agreements at a flat rate? I owe fraud. No social or tax number-- they knew it was fraud in the first place.

Another issue? The web host is claiming I did not pay the bill for the upcoming quarter [June 1, 2012 - August 31, 2012]. I did. I am hoping this is simply a holiday timing issue and the suspension notice I received was in err because they did not receive the notification that PayPal sent, I sent and the payment my bank shows I made on the May 24th 2012. I paid the bill on May 23rd, 2012. I will post screen grabs later-- however if this site [] goes down-- this is the explanation I offer. Web host received the payment simply did not update their database.

Regina Thomas

Date: May 31, 2012 Experiencing load problems with WiredPages and interfaces maintained on Had to deny access to a range of APNIC IPs to insure the servers do not drop. Access denied for the subdomain WiredPages and all of All other areas of the world should have no problem accessing WiredPages and Forced Access All-- so everyone but the specified APNIC IPs are provided access to my sites. Sorry for any inconvenience. Believe there is a criminal investigation going on. System level access may have been tampered with to prevent my site from getting traffic. I have forced allow access all-- except some APNIC IPs. Do not change my site conditions-- maybe a criminal investigation. Changing system level values could also get some into trouble.

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