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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Legal Notices: Hosting & Affiliates

I have or have had-- affiliate agreements with big names including:

  • Linkshare [iTunes, 1800-Flowers, Apple, CompUSA, etc.]
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Adsense
  • Wall Street Journal [late 1999- 2002 or so]
  • Indeed
  • Template Monster
  • Amazon

According to affiliate stats-- I have made the following [over all time]:

  • Linkshare [iTunes, 1800-Flowers, Apple, CompUSA, etc.] $0.00
  • Commission Junction -- $0.00
  • Google Adsense- $77.45 since March 25, 2005-- payout when it reaches $100. No earnings since late last year.
  • Wall Street Journal [late 1999- 2002 or so] $0.00
  • Indeed $7.42
  • Template Monster $0.00
  • Amazon [about] $25.00

I am currently going through a process wherein most of the affiliates are trying to make a deal-- yet it never seems to go anywhere.

The flag-- after settlement is made, terms will be ironed out for flat rates because affiliates like Indeed and Amazon believe it is a better plan. I have tentatively agreed to flat rate plans in the future however wonder if someone did not do this in the past [or currently] and unlawfully collecting from the proceeds of my sites? Why would I ask this? Most affiliates claim I have no hits, impressions nor clicks-- and since I do not currently, nor have I ever-- had flat rate agreements- I am wondering why I do not see hit and impression counts in the statistical information provided by each affiliate. I see none. Payment information with Linkshare [bank routing and account number showing in payment information-- tax number is my social for QiSoftware which is a sole proprietorship-- and even my business bank account reflects the "sole owner" status of the account], CJ, Amazon [Amazon successfully paid to my business bank about a year ago] and Google Adense all show my social and business bank information. Why would legitimate organizations ignore the information they have on file and suggest they made agreements outside of the agreements they offer online that I signed up with?

I am trying to cover all of the bases. In the past I often said I could prove fraud because my affiliate stats show no payments, impressions nor clicks. A flat rate? I am just hearing about this method of payment and I have never made any agreements like that. I wanted to in the future.

This is a legal notice. My social security number is also noted amongst the affiliate information for each of these services and if one or any of these affiliate partners sent payment to anyone other than me-- it should show a social [tax number] or to whom the payment was sent-- if the claim was they thought they had a legal agreement. I have only the [online] agreements I signed up with-- and often all of the affiliate partners have sent new terms. Why if I have separate agreements at a flat rate? I owe fraud. No social or tax number-- they knew it was fraud in the first place.

Another issue? The web host is claiming I did not pay the bill for the upcoming quarter [June 1, 2012 - August 31, 2012]. I did. I am hoping this is simply a holiday timing issue and the suspension notice I received was in err because they did not receive the notification that PayPal sent, I sent and the payment my bank shows I made on the May 24th 2012. I paid the bill on May 23rd, 2012. I will post screen grabs later-- however if this site [] goes down-- this is the explanation I offer. Web host received the payment simply did not update their database.

Regina Thomas

Date: May 31, 2012 Experiencing load problems with WiredPages and interfaces maintained on Had to deny access to a range of APNIC IPs to insure the servers do not drop. Access denied for the subdomain WiredPages and all of All other areas of the world should have no problem accessing WiredPages and Forced Access All-- so everyone but the specified APNIC IPs are provided access to my sites. Sorry for any inconvenience. Believe there is a criminal investigation going on. System level access may have been tampered with to prevent my site from getting traffic. I have forced allow access all-- except some APNIC IPs. Do not change my site conditions-- maybe a criminal investigation. Changing system level values could also get some into trouble.

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