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Sunday, February 05, 2023

Small Business Accounting

I started my small business (QiSoftware) in September 2004 as a sole proprietorship using a Maryland Trade Name application to setup the business entity.

The type of business I setup is the easiest form- however, only provides the DBA (doing business as) form of business.

In my case, because I offer software consulting and development services- I file taxes at both the Federal and State levels reporting income or salary from these services as an individual taxpayer. In other words, I do not apply taxes to these services nor do I file separate business tax returns for these services.

In February 2021, the Maryland Digital Advertising Tax law was enacted however has run into any number of issues. Since I do offer online digital advertising services, however nowhere near the $1,000,000 in gross receipts the law currently requires for compliance, I only file the income as an individual taxpayer which is allowable under Maryland law.

That said, in September 2021 because I opened my online ecommerce shop (WiredShops), I applied for and was granted a Maryland Sales & Use Tax Number. I file business tax returns every quarter.

I am a software developer, so when I decided to open my shop, I set it up using OpenCart on a domain I registered rather than using a service like Shopify. Popular ecommerce services like Shopify charge monthly fees, however allow shop owners to automatically connect and display inventory from suppliers who have existing relationships with the services.

My supplier, in addition to automated connections for services like Shopify, also offers an API which allows me to connect (not as automated) to my OpenCart shop. Because my shop is not so automated, services like QuickBooks, PayPal, Zettle by PayPal, and my business bank which allow for automation with inventory and payments, can ease some of my reporting concerns.

Once my shop is more established, I plan to use QuickBooks to handle most of my business reporting and tracking needs. Why? It is used by almost every major service- even OpenCart has a plugin.

A big concern for me- recently, Maryland sent a notice requesting delinquent quarterly tax filings for my Maryland Sales & Use number. Since I have not done much with the online shop, this was an easy issue to correct, however if and when the shop becomes more established, I will use QuickBooks to handle proper tax reporting.

Thinking about taxes, as I have explained- I file the same individual tax returns for both business and personal taxes, however mark every transaction as either a business or personal expense. I file my returns with confidence. Are you ready for the tax season?

Interested in learning more about how QuickBooks can help you to run your small business?

This video link explains many of the benefits QuickBooks offers to small business owners.

QiSoftware is very happy to be a QuickBooks Business Affiliate.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

USPS Web Tools API Demonstration

In 2011, I installed a tool on the WiredPages Reference page which provided USPS Postal Codes & the ZIP+4, along with latitude/longitude geo-coordinates for any address in the US.

Though the original data source continues to offer geo coordinates for any address in the world, the US Postal Codes are no longer available.

Over the summer (2018), I discovered the USPS offered API business services including:

  • Price Calculator
  • Verify an Address
  • Track a Package
  • Print a Shipping Label
  • Lookup Delivery Dates

Late last week, the interface I developed using the Address Verification API was installed in the main area of QiSoftware[.com] as a product demonstration.

The Address Verification API is sophisticated and can, upon request, provide business related address information, however the QiSoftware demonstration does not allow for the optional input of the business name as part of the query submission to the API.

As shown in the above illustration, the new interface also provides the geo-coordinates and now also- the Google Static Map for the address.

Why not reinstall the new interface on the WiredPages Reference page? Simply a matter of preference. When I initially installed the "PlaceFinder" tool on WiredPages, bloggers were using different services that required geo-coordinates1. The intent was to provide an easy means to retrieve latitude/longitude coordinates.

QiSoftware offers customized software solutions to assist business owners with everyday needs. The USPS Web Tools® APIs offer useful data specifically geared toward business owners. How do you want your data?

1 Latitude/Longitude can be entered in the <meta name= .... /> area of the <head> .... </head> section of an "HTML" file.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

QiSoftware Web Hosting Service, Retired

In late September (2018), a scheduled server move of the domain (QiSoftware Web Hosting site) caused an unforeseen issue, resulting in a re-evaulation of the QiSoftware Web Hosting service offering.

The decision was made early last week to retire the web hosting offering, and links were quickly removed. On Friday, the site ( was moved to a new hosting service and IP addresses updated.

Part of the problem, did not have enough in the way of resources to handle the many Java server side applications used on WiredPages and other areas of

QiSoftware core development efforts have always centered on Java software implementation. In 2002, when QiSoftware first went online, many web hosting services did not offer affordable JSP Web Hosting support.

The problem? If potential clients could not afford JSP hosting, then how could they afford QiSoftware Software? Business dictated offering the JSP web hosting support. went online in 2006, however never really had clients. Contact the FBI if you have questions.

Today, most web hosting services offer affordable JSP Web Hosting support, making QiSoftware's own web hosting reseller offering, an unaffordable "business" & "legal" luxury.

The site, will remain part of the QiSoftware online business network, however now only a background resource.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Business Accountability

A recent project required business verification documentation for QiSoftware. QiSoftware is a registered business (search QiSoftware) in the State of Maryland.

Along with a scanned copy of the document Maryland sent when the business renewal process was complete in 2014 [original registration 2004], images similar to those illustrated below were also provided to the requesting organization.

These days, many organizations providing online resources are more likely to request business verification documentation from businesses and individuals requesting use of their data and resources.

Business bank accounts in most states, including Maryland have for sometime required business verification before accounts are opened. Everything is becoming more accountable.

There is also a QiSoftware Business Filing link in the sidebar of this blog under the "Pages" subheading.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

WiredPages Business Directory

I have started work on WiredPages and the associated Business Directory.

Although there is a delay in published updates to the main areas of WiredPages, the Business Directory is being revised and updates are being published.

The following illustrates how other areas of, promote the Business Directory.

Currently, work to both areas of WiredPages- involves installing new code snippets to the underlying html pages.

Updates to WiredPages tools & widgets are also in the works, however as indicated, the updates will probably not go online before the security issues are resolved.

The WiredPages Business Directory has always been manually edited and maintained. Automation tools and widgets never integrated, therefore no reason to hold off on updates to this area of the live site.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Amazon Associates: New Tools & Services

Over the past year or so, Amazon has added new incentives to its Associates Program, as well as discontinuing some of the services that have been around for awhile.

Some of these changes include:

  • Native Shopping Ads
  • Amazon CPM Ads have been around since 2014.
  • Amazon Widgets are no longer available.
  • Listmania Lists are no long available for incorporation in an aStore Category.
  • Since the Spring 2015, Amazon has been offering "Home Services" giving associates a wider range of products to offer- that may require additional servicing after delivery. See more on Amazon Home Services here.

Recently, I took the opportunity to look into the Amazon CPM Ad Network and integrated specified ad codes in more popular areas of the site, i.e., the blogs.

The ads have been running for about a day, however I was able to review performance reports based on almost "real time" [delayed in most cases by no more than 4 hours] reporting.

I also use the Amazon Product Advertising API, however because of a security risk with triggers I build into my code/widgets, I have discontinued their use for now. Sometime in the future, I hope to re-establish this important monetization feature for the WiredPages area [sub-domain] of

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Google My Business

Recently, I downloaded the Google My Business App to my android.

Though I maintain business profiles on sites like LinkedIn and PayPal, I have done little with Google's business resources other than- note my business site and address can be found via their search tools.

After downloading, I updated my business information via both the Google My Business App and using a web browser on one of my PCs. Quite frankly, I did not know Google offered these resources for business owners, even though I use several of their tools, e.g. AdSense, Analytics, Webmasters Tools, etc.

Shown below, both the android app and the web page version where you can also update your business information.

The resource also provides Insights about your online business presence. If you are already using Google Analytics [with your business site], some of the information may overlap that- offered by the Insights. Information about your Google+ [Googleplus] posts, is also provided.

Read more about the "Google My Business" resource here:

Friday, September 18, 2015

Remix now reporting its own Google Analytics and the associated sub-domains use several metric services to measure site analytics and traffic, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Quantcast
  • Compete
  • ShareThis-- recently stopped offering analytics services, however source pages still show the old scripts.
  • Alexa

I have been using these services for some time, however tend to get around to adding new definitions or isolation parameters in a haphazard non-timely manner, especially where Google Analytics is concerned.

For instance, most sub-domains of gather and report information using the same top-level Analytics tracking code as that used by the main domain-

What this means? It is harder to separate and visualize traffic from let's say- traffic to this blog [].

Sometime ago, I added a separate tracking code for "It's Personal", my personal blog at mainly to experiment. Up until recently, I had separate tracking codes for the following qisoftware properties:


As noted by the following illustrations, a couple of days ago [Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015], I added a separate tracking code for Remix the sub-domain [this blog].

I also had to make minor updates to the underlying theme for my Thingamablog Template and update one of the Custom Tags. Illustration shows the Thingamablog application where these updates are used:

Remix [this blog], is not as popular as some of the other areas of, and as of today, showing "temporarily unavailable" for data being received by Google Analytics. Below, I am showing illustrations from the Google Analytics App of both It's Personal tracking and the new Remix.

When I move the site, and make necessary changes to both WiredPages and the NS&J Forums, I will add separate tracking codes for these areas too. Most of my site's [] areas use ecommerce ads and tools-- so I am hoping these more specific tracking codes for each area will help to produce more insights for better site monetization.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

QiSoftware Business Renewal- 2014, 2019

QiSoftware, a legal business entity in the State of Maryland was recently renewed for another 5 years. See this link for the previous reference.

The most recent renewal information for QiSoftware, is shown in the following graphic.

Recent changes on Maryland's Online Business Search site have voided the old links I maintained on this blog which provided quick access to QiSoftware business information maintained by the state.

To access the information now, click on this link and use either the Entity Name "QiSoftware" or Department ID="T00212348" option from the pull menu [lower page area] to review the business information for QiSoftware.

Post updated 12/01/16 to reflect new link for business searches. Post updated 06/18/18 to reflect new link for business searches.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Writing Elsewhere 201...

A great way to gain exposure for your business is to write articles for other [online] publications. Organizations I also write for:

My latest off-site article, AACPL eBooks is for and discusses the local county library and their eBooks borrowing system.

If you are thinking of doing something similar, keep in mind-- editing your work is one of the most important factors. I tend to write a lot for my own sites/blogs, and find I am a bit more careful when writing for others. That said, I have allowed one or two mistakes to go uncorrected and can do nothing but cringe when this happens.

You may also want to save a copy of the browser page of your off-site article or snap a screen shot just in case. Most of us use automatic logins for accounts we use often and it is so easy to gain access to someone else's accounts when computers, notebooks and other personal devices are left unattended.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Business Support-- Lessons Learned...

I am a software consultant with lots of experience with computer hardware and software. So when I began my business in early 2000, the issues that most have insofar as what to get in terms of hardware and software to help run the business-- were thankfully not mine.

Over the years, I have made some good decisions in terms of computing support and hope to share with others my lessons learned. To that end, I have added a link to an Amazon aStore in this blog's sidebar-- that offers some help with computing and other business solutions for small and home businesses.

For those interested in Amazon's Affiliate program, I have written several articles on Amazon's Listmania feature [which I use on It's Personal]-- however this time I used the aStore feature and added individual products to a category list.

The difference in the two approaches in creating an Amazon aStore?

  • I do not need to be logged into my Associates account to update and publish a Listmania list. And when an updated list is published it is immediately reflected in my online store..
  • It is actually easier to create an aStore using a category and adding products-- but only because it is a bit confusing on how to setup a Listmania and associate it with an aStore.

My rumor mill suggests Amazon's Listmania feature may soon be obsolete -- and currently there is a problem updating the Listmania powering the It's Personal Store. I have a support email in the pipeline to Amazon on this issue. I will provide more details as I get them.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Amazon Listmania-- Ad Publishing Gift for Affiliates

I belong to some of the largest affiliate programs on the internet- so I have experience with quite a few tools these programs offer to its publishers. Of course, I am a software consultant so I also look into API offerings of these programs.

That said-- a week or two ago, I created my first Listmania and aStore under the Amazon program and I have to say- it is by far the easiest ad publishing tool I have worked with. I like this program so much-- that I wrote a brief article on a community site I have a membership with-- detailing some of the reasons I do.

The article on Skirt--

If you are into affiliate sales for online content-- you really should check out this option. Further details about setting up a Listmania are found here.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

what's not working...

It's been a long year and its time to move on. I hoped that I would be moving but things have not gone as planned. I am told DOJ is still working the issues.

In the meantime, I have been researching the issues with WiredPages. My recent request to have the iTunes affiliate reinstated for WiredPages was granted so -- the iTunes search widget on the Entertainment page, is again working.

I am also going to again start reporting Amazon Affiliate stats-- on this blog as well as It's Personal. I am told-- a recent ad-- placed on It's Personal- was a success [300+ units sold]- however not reflected in my stats. I am not sure why. Even more incredible-- I am given the real stats as if to taunt.

Things in disrepair on WiredPages:

  • The GeoPlace widget on the Reference page.
  • Congressional Rep. interface
  • World Weather Tool
  • Currency Converter [Dining & Travel]
  • Horoscopes [Entertainment]
  • Market Bug [Home & Business pages]
  • CIA World Fact Book Interface [Reference]
  • Dictionary Widget Slow [Reference]

I have fixes for most of the issues-- however have been hesitant about implementation because of on going problems-- documented in-- Q's Wire and It's Personal.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Copyright Reminders

The first version of Q's Wire was online between November 2004 through July 2007. I took it offline-- because it dealt with a lot of body language issues that I previously had not understood. I will learn of Deep Throat in December 2006 and have two blog posts-- one in October 2006 and one in December 2006 explaining I knew nothing in October 2006 and then learned something in December 2006. The post reads so young. I had no idea.

I provide this information to explain why a post about my first version of the Blogger Calendar for WordPress was taken offline. Brief summary-- I developed my first version of the Blogger Calendar for the Blogger platform-- however for a blog sitting on a private domain-- You may remember this post-- "Dating Your Blog". In November 2004 I started a personal blog-- "Garden Pleasures" which I later renamed Q's Wire.

In January 2005 I developed the WordPress version of Blogger calendar and wrote a post. Here is the Unix grep command I did on the directory where I keep all of the original posts for the first version of Q's Wire [larger image can be viewed in a separate browser window]:

Here is a screen grab of the actual posts that were returned based on the grep search:

I developed several versions of the Blogger Calendar-- the latest for the Thingamablog platform.

  • Blogger FTP Private Domain
  • Blogger Blogspot servers
  • Movable Type
  • Thingamablog
  • WordPress

The link from this blog about the different versions of the calendar:

I recently discovered a optimization process that I might add to the WordPress and MovableType servlets that power the applets-- however it will be at a later date. Basically it will force the clearing of a large array I am using in the servlet-- however it really should not matter in that I developed this tool when I still had dial up and the first version had over 2000 posts and I never noticed a problem with the server []. It is a minor adjustment-- and should have no affect other than it makes things a little tidier. Java is supposed to do this type of cleanup automatically-- however I am going to run some tests to see if it makes a difference.

That said-- this is simply a reminder about when I developed the WordPress version of the Blogger Calendar-- January 2005. I also have a lot of tar backups for the site-- between 2004-2007. I was a lot better then about backing up the site on a regular basis than I am now and it takes a lot less time to down load now. Do not go after this.. I can prove too easily I developed the code and when.

Update: 4.11.12. QiSoftware and Regina D. Thomas [Sole Proprietor QiSoftware a legal Business entity in the state of Maryland]-- has had a great deal of interest in the Blogger Calendar [based on the form emails received from the interface on Q's Wire]-- however has never sold a Blogger Calendar nor received a phone call concerning the calendar. If you believe this is in error-- contact the FBI. They should have an open file on Regina Denise Thomas and her business-- QiSoftware.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Introducing the new QiSoftware Logo

Last week, I replaced a graphic on the ".. this justin" InStyle Java Applet I use on the WiredPages Style & Events page.

It took me awhile to come up with something I liked as illustrated by the Microsoft Image Composer file {shown below}.

This is how the image looks as part of the applet-- on the Style & Events page.

I was so pleased with the graphic, that this morning when I started the process of creating a new logo for QiSoftware, I finally ended up using the same graphic I used for the Style & Events applet, except of course-- changing the colors.

That was when I decided-- the new QiSoftware logo for everything would be similar to this:

I still need to create the logo {decide on the colors} for the Hosting-Q site, however that should be relatively easy.

I also created a logo for the QiSoftware customized FlashPlayer I have been playing around with, however changing the alpha channel for purposes of this illustration. In actuality, the graphic is a bit lighter {transparent}.

What prompted my desire to create a new logo for QiSoftware? When I completed the Amazon Web Services interface- I wanted to add my company to those listed on the Amazon site that offer custom software solutions for their web services. The other company logos looked so professional, I decided not to investigate further insofar as what I needed to do to apply to be listed. I put a new logo on my "to do" list and happy to report-- this morning I found something I like.

That said-- I do not offer graphic design work as part of my service offerings, though I would love to find a great design shop to team with.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Washington Fashion

Amongst my many interests-- outside of business and technology, is my love of style and fashion. I belong to several social groups in the Washington DC metropolitan area whose main focus is fashion, specifically Washington Fashion.

A group I recently joined, DC FABB with about 70 members is a new group and its members are some of the area's who's who-- but not necessarily because of their fashion exploits. They like me, appear to have a lot going on outside of fashion, however like me-- love fashion.

And I do love fashion. I am currently on a strenuous workout program that has me working to get back into the fashion styles I love. Why? Mostly because I miss my style-- but the other thing-- I want to do more as related to business with Fashion and Style.

I have several ideas about ecommerce, magazine and event promotion as related to fashion in this area and the many who share my love.

  • Community ecommerce site where items from members' closets and accessory chests could be sold.
  • Community magazine site.
  • Community Fashion events promotions [calendars], I have plugins for WordPress as well as ideas about custom interfaces.

That said-- I have been around awhile. I am not a fan of "Bad Girls" nor "Housewives...." shows. Muted-- "Housewives of New York" looks classy and interesting. Unmuted it does not. I work a lot. I love constructive projects. Hard work, good taste, interesting ideas-- sell. Conflict and trash may sell but not in my world. Love to work with all who share my interests... I am smart. I do have good taste. I wrote this post for this blog-- to brag? No, I wrote this post for this blog to send a strong message.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Business

I am an entrepreneur. I love business. I love coming up with ideas to generate business as well as implementing the ideas. I also love coming up with ways to streamline business. I am truly an entrepreneur.

In addition, I have a good eye for those with good business ideas. That is one of the reasons I am starting a new feature on this blog-- that will list in the sidebar, businesses I think worth noting-- called "In Business".

There are several reasons I am doing this. One, I want to show others "QiSoftware Reach"-- which I believe is under reported, two-- some of these businesses I want to both publicize and offer technical services and three, they really are worth noting.

These are not sponsored business entries. These are businesses I have noticed. The list will be ever changing-- and if I have listed you and you wish to be de-listed-- contact and I will remove your business listing immediately.

If you are listed and want to ask about ideas I have for your business, you can contact me at or 443.393.6650.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Online Designers: Beware

Today, I received a message from a fellow Meetup member about a JR PHP developer spot opening up in the near future. I thought about looking into the position [part time consulting basis]-- so went to the Meetup page to learn more about it. Did not find what I was looking for, however did find a local designer's site.

I have been watching trends on the internet for a long time. Freelancing affords me this opportunity. I also have a "real" background in software technology. HTML, CSS, Javascript, DOM-- would be child's play for someone with my background. That said-- these internet technologies are not easily learned by all. Complicating the issues-- different browser developers integrate standards for these environments differently-- so often "workarounds" have to be used for different platforms [.i.e., Unix, Mac, Windows], or the myriad of browsers available for these different platforms.

Especially when I first started in the Blogging world -- June 2004, I noticed a lot of design shops [as related to blog templates], that perhaps did not understand all of the mechanics of HTML, CSS, Javascript as related to different browsers. I believe a lot of design shops were sued. Almost all of the bookmarks I had for those early design shops are no longer available. Why? Too many problems with client sites and not insuring they worked across the board. Or Copyright infringements.

The local design site I found this morning-- was showcasing a new lawyer's site in their portfolio. My default browser on the Mac is FireFox. Not only was the lawyer's site "unfit" for online publication, but the design shop's had some issues as well- in the popular Firefox browser.

Even if I wanted to act as a consultant for a shop like this-- I would have to pass. Why? Too many mistakes and the lawyer's site was a big red flag. Clearly stated on the design firm's site- "we have Macs". Most designers of the mid 2000s get it. You did not? Learn from what I had the time to observe-- you are asking to be sued.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Domain For Sale...

Last December, I registered "" thinking I would move the ProfessionalProfiles service-- to its own domain. It is currently a sub-domain on As the name indicates-- the service provides classified listings of professionals and their background information.

The renewal date is fast approaching and I have decided to sell the domain. I am an enom domain reseller and that is where I registered the domain. The $10.00 fee to renew for another year, is not too much of a problem-- and I am hoping to sell the domain within the coming year. If I find a buyer, I will "push" the domain registration to the new owner-- via enom.

According to the Network Solutions Domain Assessment Tool, the current estimated value of "" is:

The following whois data shows the domain ""-- is registered under my name and QiSoftware/Hosting-Q.

If I am unable to sell the domain-- I probably will not renew in December 2011, however, I might change my mind [again] and move ProfessionalProfiles to its own domain-- as was the original plan.

If you are interested in this domain-- contact me at or use this Contact-- form.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Remix, Fix Permanent

Since creating the new "remix" sub-domain for this new blog, I have had problem after problem. This is my latest business blog. It is a Thingamablog and I started this version, because Blogger was going to discontinue FTP support to private sites. Blogger is the platform I chose for my first Business Blog.

Some of you may have noticed that since April of this year, at times this blog appears to be unavailable and the main site is provided instead. I finally asked for support of my web host and they have provided a permanent fix. There should be no more problems accessing this blog. I am very pleased about this.

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