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Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Business

I am an entrepreneur. I love business. I love coming up with ideas to generate business as well as implementing the ideas. I also love coming up with ways to streamline business. I am truly an entrepreneur.

In addition, I have a good eye for those with good business ideas. That is one of the reasons I am starting a new feature on this blog-- that will list in the sidebar, businesses I think worth noting-- called "In Business".

There are several reasons I am doing this. One, I want to show others "QiSoftware Reach"-- which I believe is under reported, two-- some of these businesses I want to both publicize and offer technical services and three, they really are worth noting.

These are not sponsored business entries. These are businesses I have noticed. The list will be ever changing-- and if I have listed you and you wish to be de-listed-- contact and I will remove your business listing immediately.

If you are listed and want to ask about ideas I have for your business, you can contact me at or 443.393.6650.

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