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Monday, November 15, 2010

Domain For Sale...

Last December, I registered "" thinking I would move the ProfessionalProfiles service-- to its own domain. It is currently a sub-domain on As the name indicates-- the service provides classified listings of professionals and their background information.

The renewal date is fast approaching and I have decided to sell the domain. I am an enom domain reseller and that is where I registered the domain. The $10.00 fee to renew for another year, is not too much of a problem-- and I am hoping to sell the domain within the coming year. If I find a buyer, I will "push" the domain registration to the new owner-- via enom.

According to the Network Solutions Domain Assessment Tool, the current estimated value of "" is:

The following whois data shows the domain ""-- is registered under my name and QiSoftware/Hosting-Q.

If I am unable to sell the domain-- I probably will not renew in December 2011, however, I might change my mind [again] and move ProfessionalProfiles to its own domain-- as was the original plan.

If you are interested in this domain-- contact me at or use this Contact-- form.

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