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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Web Hosting Bill & Payment 12-12 thru 2-13

Just in case there is a problem-- wanted it noted I paid this invoice for web hosting to DailyRazor today via my PayPal account.

Here is the online transaction record from my PayPal account.

Normally, PayPal is good about sending right away a receipt indicating I made the payment. Today, for whatever reason I did not get the email confirmation.

One of the earpiece threats lately- close If this does happen I will blog at to provide details. PayPal part of the settlement process I discuss a great deal in my personal blog- taht said I am sure there is no connection to this delay in the confirmation email.

The support ticket I opened 11.26.12 after receiving a suspension notice.

Update: 11.29.12 Payment applied- 11.27.12. I have not been online for a couple of days so this update a little late. Busy-- telling Robert Hale why Heidi looks german. No other news to report.

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