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Monday, September 05, 2022

Google Universal Analytics to G4 Switch Over (G4 Ready)

For the last six months, Google Analytics has shown the notice illustrated in the following graphic as related to the network of QiSoftware sites.

As related to analytics, all QiSoftware sites (see below) are listed as part of the same network, with Google. QiSoftware sites and subdomains using Google Analytics include:

Since WiredShops and are sites installed within the last year, the Google Analytics 4 tags were automatically created when I registered the new domains with my Google Analytics account. In both cases, because other services use Google Analytics as the source for their statistical data, however have yet to make the switch to G4, I had to also setup the old universal tags to ensure the new sites were found.

In addition, recent updates to the Google Admanager resource now allow users (you or your organization may use an online ad manager service to perform these tasks) to list all sites and subdomains setup using the Google Analytics 4 (G4) tag for each related Admanager account.

Illustrated in the following graphic, newly listed QiSoftware sites with the Google Admanager account.

Are your sites G4 ready?

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