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Friday, September 28, 2012

AP News & Weather Tool Dead

Overnight the AP News interfaces installed on several WiredPages along with the World Weather Tool on the homepage-- went into disrepair. In that I want to move to a dedicated server sometime in the future-- I have decided to allow things like this to go for now.

Why keep the site online if I am planning to do this? As I have indicated before-- I do plan on revamping the entire news service however I am not interested in writing or updating code for an IP that I will discontinue using sometime in the future. My code is tied to IPs and domains to prevent others from using it. Updating code at this time would be a stupid security mistake on my part and I have decided to let it go for now.

FYI-- Limited updates will be tested offline and be readied for online production when I get the sites moved. I repeat limited.

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