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Thursday, February 23, 2012 Load Issues

This morning-- where most of the interfaces that are used by WiredPages are hosted-- seems to be experiencing heavy loads.

This appears to be because of the number of hits to WiredPages interfaces-- however where WiredPages is hosted-- is not reporting the same traffic patterns. As a matter of fact-- Alexa has continually reported dropping traffic patterns for, since the first of month with another big decrease [from 6,200,000 to 7,000,000] last night. Around the second week into February there was a major decrease from about 1,200,000 to 6,000,000.

In the past when I have noticed a sudden increase on one of my servers, like I am seeing this morning-- I have selectively prevented IPs from accessing the site in question. In this case it would have to be done from to stop the heavy load to

Why is this occurring now? Not sure-- but I wish that this uptick in traffic-- was reflected by stats for both sites.

Because my site['s] traffic consistently looks a little suspect-- on occasion I have considered prohibiting entire regions from accessing areas of the site. A former personal blog and a forum on those areas considered. The World's IP Regions include:

If the load continues on, I will have to block some IP addresses. I cannot afford to have out of service. My sites are meant as promotional tools for my business with the hope they are useful and provide ideas as to the type of services QiSoftware offers.

Lot of abstract noise about will continue to host most of the interfaces used on WiredPages. If the site goes down-- the interfaces will be removed from WiredPages until I can get up and running again. This has not happened yet-- but I have felt a little pressure on this score-- and I do not want any misunderstandings.

Another issue that should not be ignored? Alexa an Amazon offering- would also be out of sync insofar as traffic reports-- and currently the Amazon Interfaces I run throughout WiredPages and my personal blog-- should reflect the same traffic as the interfaces on The Amazon interfaces are affiliate interfaces. Tomorrow, I will be able to see whether traffic reports from Amazon are consistent. I repeat-- I will not be moving WiredPages interfaces to

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