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Monday, December 12, 2011

WiredPages Advertising Plans...

Over the weekend I contacted Expedia to inquire about a direct partnership insofar as advertising for WiredPages, specifically the Dining & Travel page.

You will recall, I had an affiliate relationship with Expedia until last Spring when I decided to discontinue my association with Commission Junction, under whose oversight the relationship existed. Because Expedia has its own API, which I used to create the original CJ/Expedia interface- the interface still works -- as illustrated in the graphic on the right, ran standalone from NetBeans just a moment ago, so the deals are in effect as of the date of this blog post.

My goal-- to put some sort of advertising interface on each of the WiredPages-- where there is currently an open area in the lower right corner. To date- many of the pages already have an existing tool in the area I have designated for this purpose-- and those tools will not be replaced-- with the exception of iTunes on the Arts & Entertainment page. The reason, there are currently two iTunes interfaces on the page.

I like the idea of understated advertising-- and since my goal is to also promote my services insofar as implementation of tools and interfaces that provide data or advertising, these interfaces provide example. Understated. Consistent, without being too "in your face".

Also over the weekend-- Friday, I tweaked the new Amazon Web Services interface making it more narrow to fit in the lower right area of the WiredPages. Shorter pages will have a version of the Amazon interface that only returns one result while pages with more dead space in the designated area- will have an interface very similar to the one illustrated on the right.

I have toyed with the idea of limiting the search categories, to only those consistent with the page where the interface will be installed. For instance, the Sports page's interface offering only Fitness, Exercise and Outdoors category searches. I am still thinking about this.

Time frame for all of this? Spring 2012, unless I get news from DOJ/FBI earlier. Oh no.. she has started discussing the FBI over here too? Yes. Not only am I trying to promote neat things that can be done with web sites, but I also need big time fraud--- that cannot be ignored by the FBI. In that my personal blog, at this time is unavailable for this type of discussion-- I am providing the information here.

Why so far out? Currently, I believe there are outside parties who are interested in taking over QiSoftware and the interfaces. The problem? The interfaces only work with my sites. The only way around this is to take it over. FBI- owes a cease and desist to those parties. I have no plans of handing over my hard work to filth I do not owe. I think part of the reason I am having a banking/hosting legal issue at this time. I reported the problem. I have shown the theft. Other than asking the FBI to intervene, not much else I can do. Go to my bank.. then I run the risk of negating what was said would be done in the first place... vicious circle.

If the legal issue I am currently a bit distracted with is not cleared up by this Friday, I will start a new personal blog for posts like this. The blog name-- New Day.. after a song I like by George Benson.

One way or another- I plan to have all understand- I said no. Get out of my business and off of my sites.

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