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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

new thingamablog template...

I have been working on any number of projects today, including:

  • a new page for the QiSoftware Products Catalog page.
  • a minor bug fix to one of the Fashion news magnets on the WiredPages Style & Events page
  • new logo for Hosting-Q not sure if the colors will stay as they are
  • and a new Thingamablog template for a new personal blog I am working on.

Here is a screen shot of the new look of the personal blog--

I like the idea of using Thingamablog as a blogging platform-- because it does not require the same resources as a WordPress or MovableType blog and the database is maintained entirely offline on my hard drive. Because of legal issues-- I always like controlling as much of my online material as possible. Even if I do not need to switch to this new Thingamablog in the near future- once I have a resolution to some of my problems, I will probably remove Q's Wire.. from and maintain a less known personal blog.

I have been busy today.

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