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Friday, January 13, 2012

Web Site Maintenance

Recently, I have been inundated with repairs and updates to WiredPages and other areas of my sites.

Whenever I experience times like this-- I often wonder what other web site owners requiring the same type of emergency "repairs", do. I can stop whatever I am doing, and make the repairs. I am the programmer and designer behind all of the work for my sites.

In that the repairs are mostly to interfaces I maintain on WiredPages-- how is it that I focus business promotion on similar tools for your sites?

Recently, I read a job proposal wherein the job poster wanted a guarantee that anyone providing him with a new PHP script for his project-- also provide a guarantee it would not break within months.

I thought to myself-- well one thing the poster might want to do-- is consider a non-open script language [PHP is an open script language] for his project. I did not bid on his project.

Did you know-- that when web hosts find a problem with a script that requires too much in the way of system resources-- they can disable it very easily, at their discretion? And, if you check the fine print of your hosting agreement-- in most cases-- it is perfectly legal. The script is open source and sitting on their servers.

Java Servlet interfaces-- in most cases, prevents this type of tampering by web hosts. Also-- because the Java Servlet is more efficient than the PHP script, anyway-- the web host is less likely to consider it the resource hog or problem.

So what about maintenance issues for QiSoftware developed interfaces? QiSoftware guarantees the repair of custom interfaces within 24 hours of notice-- for the life of the QiSoftware developed custom interface.

Hosting-Q, QiSoftware's web hosting service- also offers hosting plans with built in maintenance agreements. Read our fine print here. Lower right corner of the sidebar.

Recently, I had several issues that I documented on my personal blog-- and also provided a cost estimate to have the work done on the outside.

I do not take on all clients. I work hard at keeping clients I do take- happy. I also fix-- what breaks. And, I put it in writing.

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