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Monday, April 02, 2012

WiredPages Testing...

I took WiredPages down early last week because the Congress interface I use on the Government & Education page went into disrepair. The problem, my api key worked however retrieval of Federal congressional representatives failed to return the requests. Direct browser requests using my APi-key worked fine.

I have seen this issue before. I believe it is related to some who feel I should move my interfaces to where the WiredPages site is hosted. There are several reasons some may try to force this. I use security triggers within the interfaces and I believe some are hoping I will change them and triggers- to get them to run on sites I have not authorized them to run on. I am not.

I may put the site back up sooner rather than later and will start testing today-- however wish to remind all-- I have no deals associated with advertising on WiredPages with the exception of these affiliate partners.

  • Indeed
  • itunes
  • Amazon

What this means-- because these are affiliate ads-- I can take the site down whenever I like. If someone contacts you about payment for a link listed on WiredPages belonging to your organization or business-- you should contact the FBI. Until I get prepaid advertising-- I can take the site down whenever I like-- so those trying to get unauthorized payments should cease at once. WiredPages and QiSoftware belong to Regina D. Thomas. Affiliate marketing also belongs to Regina D. Thomas accounts. Payment to others from WiredPages constitutes fraud. I do not like coercion, trickery nor threats. Do not keep making the same mistakes.

Today, I called the Department of Justice to check the status of Internet fraud claims-- among other things. I am still waiting on a callback. Explanation as to why I would reinstall the site today. I also once again, provided my business site- so they could check. Thought it would be a good idea to show WiredPages up and running.

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