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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Congressional Data-- *@<#!...

The government representative interface that I developed for the WiredPages Government & Entertainment page used three different calls to provide the Federal and local for a specific address. The calls:

  • Geo Location Data returning, zip code and Latitude & Longitude coordinates given the address.
  • Sunlight Labs returned Federal representatives based on the Geo data.
  • VoteSmart provided the local representatives based on the Geo data.

A month or so ago- Sunlight stopped returning the Federal data however did start again. Today I discovered VoteSmart no longer returns the local representatives. I knew they were going to a subscription based model however misunderstood that it was mandatory. I have opted to pass on the subscription in that I feel it is too costly for my needs.

I could have changed the program to use the Sunlight local data- however, at this time I am going to pass. It would be relatively easy to use the Sunlight local representative data- however the problem a month ago-- has left me a bit wary and I am going to hold off for now. I can offer a private demonstration for potential clients wanting the more robust interface using either Sunlight or VoteSmart.

Sometimes, I notice a bit of pressure to do things a certain way-- and I believe it may have been misunderstood I would use the Sunlight data for all requests. I do not want others to waste their time on this [pressure that I will ignore]. I am not kidding. I can provide private demonstration of a more robust interface showing all representatives for a given address however, at this time for WiredPages-- it will only return the Federal Representatives.

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