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Friday, June 12, 2020

WiredPages New Tools- Snap Shot

Development efforts for WiredPages have been ongoing for awhile. A recent post on It's Personal outlines some of the new tools that are ready for installation.

Provided below, a quick summary:

WirefPages Home page -Market Indices bug
WiredPages Real Estate page -Mortgage Calculator.
WiredPages Business & Markets page -Market Indices bug & Biz Zip Search tool.
WiredPages Style & Events page- "This Day In History Calendar".
The WiredPages Media page -NPR One StationFinder interface.
The WiredPages Health & Wellness page -FatSecret Nutrition Information Search tool.
The WiredPages Arts & Entertainment page -Youtube Music Video Search & Playback tool.
The WiredPages Reference page -World Factbook interface.
The WiredPages Technology page -Alexa Site Rank tool.

Also in the works, the FCC Station Licensing Information Search Tool. The screen grabs below, show json results provided by the service for several stations.

The FCC Search tool has been in the works for some time. Just getting around to completing this development effort because of local environment SSL resource limitations. Those issues were corrected in December 2019 (acquisition of new hardware and updated Java JDK). Most projects put on hold because of the limitations, have now been completed. The FCC development effort- the last of those projects.

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