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Friday, April 22, 2011

Dictionary Project Alpha Testing

I began working on a dictionary interface for the WiredPages Reference page- sometime ago.

The following illustrates what the tool will look like.

Illustration Only

A couple of months ago-- I synced the audio portion of the task-- which was rather complicated. After I finished, I put off further work- because quite frankly-- the audio was complicated-- and for some reason I did not want the class files made available online for closer inspection.

The interface is Java Servlet and an Applet for sound.

Here is another illustration:

Illustration Only

I have a bit more testing to do [ensure I am getting what I need from the xml file insofar as definitions]-- but for reasons already provided, just in no real hurry to install. There is also a small timing problem with words like interesting where the sound is concerned. Not enough of a problem to keep from installing but an issue I want to look into further.

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