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Saturday, January 15, 2011 Domain Registration Renewal

This morning, I renewed the registration for, the domain for the web hosting service of QiSoftware. Registration is handled through enom. The current registration period is now good through June 18th 2013.

Enom Receipt

The following is a graphic link to the domaintools website. Click on the domaintools "Registration" tab to see the following data. Whois Data

Why provide this kind of detail? [1] QiSoftware offers Java Support Hosting to clients without server side Java support for things like the Blogger Calendar and some of the other tools we offer. [2] To show the QiSoftware Web Hosting offering is stable and a core part of the services we offer. [3] To nullify any legal issues or claims as to ownership of Hosting-Q which is not a separate business entity but a service of QiSoftware.

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