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Sunday, January 09, 2011

research finds: jBilling, JW Player

Recently, while watching projects on I found two great software applications that also provide source code.


When it comes to features, scalability, robustness and flexibility, jBilling places itself first in its class. It is the only open source billing system listed in the catalog of the largest consulting companies.

JW Player

With over one million active users, the JW Playerâ„¢ is the Internet's most popular open source video player. It supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle (FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG and GIF) and now supports HTML5 too.

Both applications offer source code so for developers-- these are really great finds. I am considering installing JBilling on Hosting-Q to provide a more robust billing system for web hosting clients.

Currently, Hosting-Q does not have web hosting clients-- [sometime ago-- I determined it was not a good idea to host with Hosting-Q-- hoping to keep others more honest where my interests are concerned], but I am hoping that many will realize the benefits of server side Java support-- even if they themselves are not Java developers.

  • Java is less resource intensive than most server script languages [i.e., PHP, Perl, etc.]
  • Java class files are not open source, therefore harder to tamper with by those with access to your server. Ecommerce site owners should really start to look at non-opensource solutions wherever possible for their sites. That said, JSP which is Java server side script that is converted to servlet class files at "runtime"-- is less tamper proof than Java class files [servlets/beans].

Why would I, as a Java developer-- in this case provide the benefits of my research? [1] Supposedly, I have a rather small audience base, [2] as a Java developer I can help with custom installations of these products-- which is the reason I found them in the first place and [3] these are Java based tools and I like promoting this software environment. Server side Java is used by a lot of large sites and companies. It is more efficient than server script languages. Java hosting is a bit more-- but worth the faster execution and non-opensource benefits.

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