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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the process of change...

Yesterday, it took me over an hour to change this to this . It is the accent graphic used to highlight titles on the QiSoftware main site.

I actually went through this process earlier this year when I updated the WiredPages accent graphic [see graphic or the right], so it should not have taken so long. The reason it did? I lost all of the files [not backed up]-- on my netbook when I had an operating system problem last fall. No, it was not hard to recreate a similar graphic [Microsoft Basic Shapes, Image Composer]-- but I had to rethink what I did. But that was really not, the time consuming effort. Color, size, 3D effects were the elements that took longest to adjust.

But what has me really concerned with where I place my focus insofar as site updates? That fact I seem to totally ignore the main site areas. And this is where-- most people, even if they do not start at will check, at some point. This weekend I made so many edit changes to the main area of QiSoftware and the catalog- I was surprised.

Why- have I allowed the site to remain that way for so long? I was not sure until I followed a link to a blogger's site who used to work as a writer for the FoodNetwork. While reading the bio-- I wondered about the claim of writer. No, I do not claim to be a writer. I have read a lot. But while I was thinking about this-- I decided that she probably made the same mistake I did. Her about page- and my main site areas are easy to find. Posts-- are not. We edit and reread posts. I also tend to put place markers where I am thinking about the correct wording when writing posts. I probably did the same thing with some of the promotional discussions I provided for QiSoftware Main areas-- which I meant to go back and rewrite or edit. I never did.

I have more work to do on the main areas of QiSoftware-- and one of my new year's resolutions-- [which I never make], will be to place more focus on and the catalog. WiredPages? Oh, I will continue to keep a lot of focus on the news service.

Blogger, how is the rest of your site?

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