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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Using USDA Nutrition Data...

When I was researching for the development of the Nutrition interface I maintain on the WiredPages Health & Medicine [lower right] I considered setting up my own online MySQL database which would allow for the extraction of nutrition information for specified foods. How? The USDA offers a nutrition database for download-- see here.

Here is the opening form that is presented when you open the USDA database in Microsoft Access.

So why did I choose the FatSecret API as opposed to my own database-- using the USDA's offerings? Primarily-- resources. I do not think a dedicated server is required for the database-- but I do feel a dedicated domain is warranted for this type of online tool-- and as many of you are aware-- WiredPages is only one area of the QiSoftware site and the Health & Medicine page, only one of sixteen main pages of the news service.

That said-- fitness trainers, health enthusiasts and others with online offerings that want to provide quick search nutrition information-- may find the USDA's offering helpful.

What can QiSoftware do? Convert the USDA MS Access database to a MySQL database for use online and build a user interface that your site's visitors will find handy.

Contact-- QiSoftware for more information.

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