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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finally-- Previous Posts From the Main Page

The Thingamablog blogging platform-- in my opinion offers interesting challenges. WordPress spoils, because of the number of plugins available-- however hacks or plugins for Thingamablog are not as readily available.

One problem I have meaning to look into? The absence of a Previous Post navigation tool for the main page of this blog. Other Thingamablog template pages, i.e., category, time archive pages or individual post pages-- can be set up to use something similar to the following as provided by the the Thingamablog Help file:

This afternoon, after a bit of JavaScript tweaking-- found a solution. It is relatively straight forward- I request the latest posts twice-- however with the second request-- add one to the limit. This allows me to write the link for the 7th post as the "Previous Post" [anchor text] and skip any writes for the 6 most recent-- which have already been written in full to the HTML file. Six-- the upper limit-- of the number of posts written to the page-- author settable.

You can check the code for this "hack" by reviewing source on the main page of this blog or contact me for more details.

See the "« Previous Post" link on the lower main page of this blog [just under the other posts] to see how it works.

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