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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Custom Tag-- Sponsors

To each page of my new Business Blog template, I have added a new sidebar element; Sponsors-- as illustrated below using the main page template:

Thingamablog allows users to create "Custom Tags" for use in templates. To create my Sponsors Custom Tag-- I selected the Configure Weblog item as shown:

The dialog forms shown below are presented and enable creation of Custom Tags-- in this case "Sponsors". Note: there are two dialogs here. The one in the foreground is presented when you click on the "Add" button of the form shown in the background:

One only needs to insert the label without the "<$" and "$>" label containers. The program inserts these characters when the "ok" button is clicked to create the tag. After defining your custom tag-- insert "<$Sponpors$>" into each of your template pages as illustrated below using the Thingamablog Template Page Editor.

This will list the information to each template page where the custom tag is inserted. Right now, I have no sponsors -- however the place marker is shown.

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