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Monday, July 13, 2015

Minor Update, Nothing to Steal My New Bag Over....

Recently, an API source touched base about changes that will go into effect mid August 2015, as related to usage of their offerings.

As many of you may be aware, because of security issues I have done little to update the underlying code for widgets and applications I maintain on WiredPages and other areas of the QiSoftware site [].

I am still hoping that my issues, as related to Washington will resolve themselves so that I can move on -- and move my sites. There is really no point in updating software and site functionality before such time.

That said, yesterday I did update the code for the API data source in question, based on the recommendation of the source-- and then tested the code.

It felt great to fire up my IDE [Netbeans] and work on a programming issue, though the issue very minor in nature.

No, I did not install the new Java Class file for the updated code. As I explained in an earlier post, when I write mini applications and widgets for WiredPages and other areas of I secure them to my server's IP address-- so that no one else can run the widget/application from other domains. Some may have noticed the "No Authorization" message.

Awhile back, my web hosting platform-- changed the IP address for the domain where I maintain most of the servlets for my applications. This looked suspicious because of the timing and why they may have wanted me to change the IP address within the security section of my code. I chose not to update the code with the new IP address thinking this would be over any day... That is still the premise- "this will be over any day". I will update all of the applications and widgets when I move my domains to new servers. Hopefully, when this ends.

DOJ/FBI, some I feel are having a hard time with-- no.. Please help them to get off my sites. Check tapes from July 12th, 2015. Thank you.

This post mainly to remind visitors and US Government employees-- my position on these matters. I said no. New Bag Reference

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