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Monday, December 26, 2011

YouTube Music Search-- Installed on WiredPages

Installed the YouTube Music Search Interface on the Arts & Entertainment page of WiredPages.

Here is a screen shot.

Two issues came up that helped with my decision to install the interface at this time:

One, a potential client wanted something similar and requested a demonstration of other work I had done. I gave him this link. He claimed it did not work. Worked perfectly when I tried it. In any case, I now have two separate versions running online. Either he wanted me to load a non-secured version or he did not want to give me the opportunity. In the latter case-- I am not sure why he simply did not ignore my bid. This leading me to believe-- he wanted to see if I would load the non-secured version.

Two, when I developed the original version-- I did not use my API Key to pull the music video search requests. Last night, I noticed it appears someone tried to link my YouTube account to another service. It was done incorrectly and almost hidden in my Youtube account settings. I added the YouTube service to my main Google account in August of this year. Last night, I linked my Google Adsense account to my "new" YouTube account-- {both Google services} and I am using my key with this version of the interface-- to see if I get credit for the music video requests via the Google Adsense account [under the same account name]. So it was also installed to test the Adsense/Youtube linkage.

I should probably also note-- the reason I did not append my API Key to the first YouTube Search Interface, insofar as the requests-- was because it was my understanding the only way to generate revenue was through videos uploaded by the user [in this case, me]. I have no videos on YouTube nor does my interface update their database or attempt to retrieve private data.. so I really did not need to sign up with YouTube for the searches and requests my interfaces are performing. I continue to believe this [Adsense ads on your own videos] is true- but I decided to test anyway.

This interface is a Java Servlet that uses Google's GData and the YouTube API.

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