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Friday, December 09, 2011

Open Source Flash Player.. a reason to learn ActionScript

Lately, aside from worrying about a business banking issue, and implementing updates to some of the WiredPages interfaces and programs, I have been playing around with HaXe and an Open Source Flash player I recently found.

I am pretty excited about this Flash player because it gives me an opportunity to look into ActionScript3 and Flash in terms of a development vehicle.

I have a Flash Integrated Development Environment (IDE) installed on my Netbook-- and have found it relatively easy to come up to speed with the concepts. It does not hurt that Flash concepts are similar to Java GUI [the Flash backend- is Java].

Why am I not providing links for this Open Source Flash Player? It is not that I think it will hurt my core business to provide the links. I promote services like Java GUI, JDBC and J2EE-- it is more, I am too noticed and feel too many already feel they have a reason to be angry with QiSoftware and its business interests.

In other words- "real" Flash developers might consider it a serious problem for their core businesses. I will let the group doing the development work take all of the credit. Sorry, I think the product is great, actually too good for open source and I already have too many wanting to blame me for things I had nothing to do with {an apology of sorts to the group offering this work}. That said, it is my belief-- HTML5 is going to hurt a lot of core Flash development efforts.

The other issue I am kind of concerned with about Flash? Security, de-compilation, unauthorized usage and the ability to change [or replace] software once installed on servers. In my opinion, Java gives me more security options insofar as these issues. And yes, it does appear a little hypocritical that I would want to prevent others from using customized players I develop using this open source resource.

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