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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Server Side Java Required.

Most of QiSoftware Java tools and interfaces require server side Java support or what is known as JSP supported web hosting. Demonstrations of some of those interfaces are provided on WiredPages and in the QiSoftware Product Catalog.

That said, some of the tools like the WordPress or MovableType versions of the Blogger Calendar do not require server side JSP support-- but currently do use the server side interface. The Blogger Calendar installed on this blog- is not powered by a server side servlet-- only a Java applet.

Why do I not need a Java Servlet for Blogging platforms using local MySQL databases? Because a Java Applet can connect directly to a local database sitting on the same server.

Why did I not develop the WordPress and MovableType versions of the Blogger Calendar sans the servlet in the first place? I developed the Blogger version of the calendar [September 2004] first, and to convince other bloggers that were using the blogspot servers- I had to use the Java Servlet back-end.

The first QiSoftware Business Blog was powered by Blogger however I used FTP to host the blog on my server []. So, like this blog-- I really did not require the back-end servlet. When I later developed the WordPress and MovableType versions-- I kept the same architecture- but really did not need too. In other words-- if you are hosting your own WordPress or Movable Type blog-- you can run a Blogger Calendar without server side support. I cannot support hosted blogs because I cannot access their databases with either a servlet nor applet.

Another tool that no longer requires a server side-- servlet, the Celebrity Birthday Interface I maintain on the Wiredpages Style & Events page.

The reason? To populate the database, each new day of the year-- the program inserted the celebrity birthdays for that day to the database. The database now has an entire year of birthdays. A stand alone Java Applet can now-- connect directly with the database sitting on my server-- negating the need for server side Java [Servlet] support.

Today, if someone wanted a similar tool what would I need to do? Provide detailed instructions on installing the MySQL database [that I provide] or provide me with access so that I can install the database on their server and supply them with a custom Celebrity Birthday Applet that runs from their site. I would also provide a PHP script to allow automated updates with a non transferable maintenance support agreement for as long as you use the tool.

Applets are like Flash or image files. Most browsers run Applets like they run Flash.

The other great thing about Java Applets? They are compact. QiSoftware Applets are normally about 8000 bytes in size. Less than most graphic or image files.

The cost for a custom Applet? The Birthday Applet-- about $25.00 which includes the database. Others- contact me or see the QiSoftware Pricing information which I provide via the site.

QiSoftware offers custom tools for almost any platform using most forms of provider data. See my contact page for more info.

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