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July 2011

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

USB Fax Modem

I have one of the best broadband services around-- Verizon FiOS. I have no plans to return to a dial-up internet service-- however last winter with the many power outages, I wished on more than one occasion that I had access to a dial-up service. The dedicated fax landline remained available throughout most of the power outages, while the mainline only remained available as long as the Verizon backup power supply lasted-- which was about 8 hours or so.

When I tested the Apple USB Fax-Modem that I have owned since getting my Macbook several years ago, I found it would not work with my Netbook. So recently, I ordered a generic USB Fax-Modem to use with the netbook in case of emergencies and it arrived today.

The photo shows the new Fax-Modem [black] and the old Apple Fax-Modem [white]:

I had no problems installing the USB Fax-Modem software on an old Windows SE platform- [yes, it already has a Fax-Modem half card on the motherboard-- however, I wanted to test on that old system first]. The following shows the 3" CDROM with the software drivers for the old Windows 98se platform [and others] that came with the modem.

I was able to use Windows Update with the Netbook instead of the CDROM and that too, worked. I was able to fax and dial landlines with no problems.

Here is the netbook connected to the internet via NetZero using the new modem.

NetZero offers some pretty reasonable plans if you are looking for a similar solution in case of an emergency. Keep in mind-- you will need a landline that either has an independent power supply or does not require power.

Why not use the Macbook for emergencies-- since I already had the modem? Reluctant to install new software on my main software development platform. It is also where I maintain other work and ideas. I cannot work without my Macbook- though I backup the files regularly. The software installed to do my work-- is invaluable to me. These days, I rarely install any new software on that system. Not even a more recent version of the operating system that I own.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

local promotion

Annapolis has always held a certain charm for me. Recently, while perusing I found this forum post, about the best time of the year to visit Annapolis.

Anytime of the year is beautiful in Annapolis. The Spring brings May Day with flower baskets dotting the doors and fences of downtown Annapolis' businesses and homes. Sailing is great and you simply can't beat the weather. Summer is HOT, but the breeze off the bay can cool you down. The Neufoundland Club brings their dogs to stroll the streets of Annapolis every Friday night. Locals and visitors crowd the streets and everybody enjoys walking around downtown. My kids and I liked to walk downtown, get an ice cream and then take the Water Taxi to Old Woman's Cove — up Spa Creek. We liked to be the last stop so we could ride the small boat around the harbor picking up and dropping off boaters to different locations in downtown and Eastport. We would enjoy the cooler temperatures on the water and always look for the troll hiding under the Eastport Bridge. Does anybody know if it's still there?

Fall brings Navy football, an influx of midshipmen, and gorgeous weather for absolutely anything you like to do. Stroll through downtown, kayak, canoe, sail, boat, dine outdoors, whatever you like, you can find it in Annapolis in the fall.

Winter brings all kinds of great celebrations. I like the Midnight Madness food and shopping extravaganzas downtown. The Holiday Parade of Lights sponsored by the Eastport Yacht Club is a must-see, and First Night Annapolis provides a great alternative to drinking on New Year's Eve. You can't forget Christmas shopping at many of the stores downtown and in the many large malls — new and old.

The other day, I called one of the sponsors [a large hotel chain] who along with three others, provides the website. I wanted to find out about yearly visitation numbers to the area. Maybe the marketing director misunderstood my query and felt I might give her cause to worry about job security. No, I would love to help promote this beautiful city in Maryland-- and hoped that the large corporations in the area - see my view of things-- more so than others. I think like a corporate executive.

This post? Hoping to remind those who should know better.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

itunes issues corrected...

The itunes API which I access through an affiliate network--was not working on WiredPages this morning. The interfaces are located on the WiredPages Arts & Entertainment page.

Actually, the problem may have started yesterday afternoon, however because I was a little under the weather [something I ate], I did not notice until this morning.

This morning, because my access pulls were working correctly when requested directly via the browser-- I waited until about an hour ago to investigate further the problem with the interfaces. The results, I have updated the pulls within the code to reflect new methods offered by the iTunes API.

I have also noticed intermittent problems with the live Sports Scores on the WiredPages Sports page-- however have not found a solution that will provide more stable results. Still researching.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Washington Fashion

Amongst my many interests-- outside of business and technology, is my love of style and fashion. I belong to several social groups in the Washington DC metropolitan area whose main focus is fashion, specifically Washington Fashion.

A group I recently joined, DC FABB with about 70 members is a new group and its members are some of the area's who's who-- but not necessarily because of their fashion exploits. They like me, appear to have a lot going on outside of fashion, however like me-- love fashion.

And I do love fashion. I am currently on a strenuous workout program that has me working to get back into the fashion styles I love. Why? Mostly because I miss my style-- but the other thing-- I want to do more as related to business with Fashion and Style.

I have several ideas about ecommerce, magazine and event promotion as related to fashion in this area and the many who share my love.

  • Community ecommerce site where items from members' closets and accessory chests could be sold.
  • Community magazine site.
  • Community Fashion events promotions [calendars], I have plugins for WordPress as well as ideas about custom interfaces.

That said-- I have been around awhile. I am not a fan of "Bad Girls" nor "Housewives...." shows. Muted-- "Housewives of New York" looks classy and interesting. Unmuted it does not. I work a lot. I love constructive projects. Hard work, good taste, interesting ideas-- sell. Conflict and trash may sell but not in my world. Love to work with all who share my interests... I am smart. I do have good taste. I wrote this post for this blog-- to brag? No, I wrote this post for this blog to send a strong message.

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

getting back to work

I have been on a mini vacation from work related projects-- and concentrating on more personal issues. Feel I can now slowly get back to work related projects while continuing with my personal tasks.

Plan to implement new tools and interfaces for WiredPages, in particular the Business Directory. I want to offer custom pages-- and forms for service providers.

Lately, I have been asking for estimates for house and auto related work. I would have loved to have gone to a site and looked up a price for some of the work. For instance-- given my house dimensions what is the cost for a power wash? These are the types of interfaces I believe can add value to a service provider's site-- and I would love to add these value added interfaces for business owners.

I am also looking at new promotion initiatives. Hope to get in full swing after the 4th holiday...

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