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October 2010

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

How can you get one?

Wiredpages-- is brimming with tools I have developed to provide both-- handy services and to demonstrate-- the types of tools I can provide.

The latest tool, Random Number Generator has been installed on the WiredPages Reference page [bottom left].

How can you get similar tools as those found on WiredPages? In most cases-- since I have already done the R&D work- all I need to do is recompile a custom version for your needs-- at a reduced cost. Because my tools are mostly Java-- this means you will get a jar and/or class files that are accessed from your private domain.

Java Applets do not require Java server side support. They are accessed in much the same manner as a site graphic-- except rather than the HTML img tag, i.e. <img src="...">, the HTML applet tag is used instead-- <applet code="...">.

Cost? For something like the Random Number Generator [demonstrated above]-- which is a Java applet and built with your color specifications-- about $6.95 for the Java jar file that you can install on any private domain. Other tools- found on WiredPages are similar in cost. This because I am only changing my master code files to reflect your preferences and providing a jar file and not source code. Also-- to insure that my tools are not sold by others-- I security lock to a client's specified sites-- meaning the tool will only execute from domains/or pages the user specified when ordering.

More cost information-- checkout the QiSoftware/Hosting-Q price list.

How to order? Send me an email [] or use my contact form-- telling me which tool you would like-- color and any other preferences. You will also need to provide the sites where the tool will be accessed from. I will then send a PayPal invoice and send you copies of the jar or class files that you will need to install-- along with detailed installation instructions.

Also keep in mind-- some of the tools demonstrated on WiredPages are Java servlets. Servlets require Java server side support. Research JSP [Java Server Side Support] Hosting and the cost to see if it is something you maybe interested in.

Hosting-Q the web hosting arm of QiSoftware offers JSP hosting. JSP Hosting-- allows sites to run Java Server Pages [JSP] and Servlets. In most cases these server tools are faster than PHP and other server side scripts. In addition, in most cases [servlets as opposed to Java Server Pages] are a more secure solution in terms of non-open source. That said-- find a Java developer that you like and trust -- to insure your tracking codes and other monetization tracking data-- is yours and not someone else's. This should be easy to check once the code is in place-- via review of your affiliate reports for your clicks and impressions and those of family and friends.

QiSoftware is a reliable Java Developer. I have a lot of notice... I cannot afford to even make a mistake with someone' else codes. QiSoftware is a good choice if you want fast server side Java affiliate interfaces.

You will also note that WiredPages- has several JavaScript and PHP/Curl interfaces. I also provide these types of services- however as a web developer-- prefer the non-script [open script: JavaScript/PHP/Perl], non-opensource solutions. I charge more for open source/script-- because there is nothing to stop clients from giving it away.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Number Generator

This afternoon I created a Random Number Generator for the WiredPages Reference page.

Here are a couple of screenshots-- illustration only.


Because I did the development work on the Macbook-- I have not installed the Java Applet-- [compilation issues]-- however happy with the test results thus far. Anticipate installing the tool later this evening or tomorrow. May also opt to use a less bold color.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creating Custom Graphics

Like most, I am not a graphic artist, however I have learned some tricks over the years that enabled me-- to manipulate vector graphics to use in printed material-- and today, in sites.

Keep in mind, I developed software that manipulated and rendered vector [meta] graphics so I had a good understanding of the difference between bitmap and vector graphics. I am not going to bore you with those details here-- however do want to offer some tricks I use to create my own graphics.

When I was still with Rockwell, I purchased my first Corel Gallery Clipart CD along with the corresponding manual. Some of the manuals and specifications I delivered to the US Navy [along with software code and programs]-- included clipart images from that CD.

To manipulate graphics you need a gallery of clipart-- like Corel's, ensuring that the data can be copied or exported to other programs as meta or vector data.

Here are two clipart images I copied and pasted to Microsoft Power Point for further manipulation.

In Power Point- I changed the color of the moon disc in the black cat's background from white to a two color gradient. I also used the same gradient tool to change the pumpkin from gray to the color you see in the image below. The outline around the cat's tail and paws was also lost when I copied to ImageComposer so I changed the outline point size so that it could be seen when copied. Adding the drop shadow also emphasized these lines.

Here is the final image [png file] I exported from Microsoft's ImageComposer.

I added the annotation "Happy Halloween" and the drop shadow to give everything a 3D look. If you have the time to play with things like this -- it can be lots of fun.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Remix, Fix Permanent

Since creating the new "remix" sub-domain for this new blog, I have had problem after problem. This is my latest business blog. It is a Thingamablog and I started this version, because Blogger was going to discontinue FTP support to private sites. Blogger is the platform I chose for my first Business Blog.

Some of you may have noticed that since April of this year, at times this blog appears to be unavailable and the main site is provided instead. I finally asked for support of my web host and they have provided a permanent fix. There should be no more problems accessing this blog. I am very pleased about this.

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