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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

what's not working...

It's been a long year and its time to move on. I hoped that I would be moving but things have not gone as planned. I am told DOJ is still working the issues.

In the meantime, I have been researching the issues with WiredPages. My recent request to have the iTunes affiliate reinstated for WiredPages was granted so -- the iTunes search widget on the Entertainment page, is again working.

I am also going to again start reporting Amazon Affiliate stats-- on this blog as well as It's Personal. I am told-- a recent ad-- placed on It's Personal- was a success [300+ units sold]- however not reflected in my stats. I am not sure why. Even more incredible-- I am given the real stats as if to taunt.

Things in disrepair on WiredPages:

  • The GeoPlace widget on the Reference page.
  • Congressional Rep. interface
  • World Weather Tool
  • Currency Converter [Dining & Travel]
  • Horoscopes [Entertainment]
  • Market Bug [Home & Business pages]
  • CIA World Fact Book Interface [Reference]
  • Dictionary Widget Slow [Reference]

I have fixes for most of the issues-- however have been hesitant about implementation because of on going problems-- documented in-- Q's Wire and It's Personal.

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