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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thingamablog Facebook Group

Sometime ago, the official forums for Thingamablog were closed.

I myself know- that forums are an expensive resource to maintain online, so it was with sadness I learned this resource would no longer be available for Thingamablog users.

Novice users of the blogging platform may have been especially put off by this turn of events, in that- Thingamablog is blogging software that is maintained on a user's personal computer and all issues with its operation are left to the user. That said, it is not hard to put the software into operation [Linux, Mac, Windows] nor maintain once operational, however issues do arise.

This is why I am excited to announce- the Thingamablog Wiki page now lists the Thingamablog Facebook Group amongst the External Links.

This is a forum group, I hope will help users of this blogging software with all sorts of issues.

I have been contacting others to ask for their support of this group, including:

  • Users of the Blogging Platform
  • Web Designers
  • Software Experts and Consultants

If you know of others that maybe interested in joining the Thingamablog Facebook Group, please let them know.

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