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Sunday, October 31, 2010

How can you get one?

Wiredpages-- is brimming with tools I have developed to provide both-- handy services and to demonstrate-- the types of tools I can provide.

The latest tool, Random Number Generator has been installed on the WiredPages Reference page [bottom left].

How can you get similar tools as those found on WiredPages? In most cases-- since I have already done the R&D work- all I need to do is recompile a custom version for your needs-- at a reduced cost. Because my tools are mostly Java-- this means you will get a jar and/or class files that are accessed from your private domain.

Java Applets do not require Java server side support. They are accessed in much the same manner as a site graphic-- except rather than the HTML img tag, i.e. <img src="...">, the HTML applet tag is used instead-- <applet code="...">.

Cost? For something like the Random Number Generator [demonstrated above]-- which is a Java applet and built with your color specifications-- about $6.95 for the Java jar file that you can install on any private domain. Other tools- found on WiredPages are similar in cost. This because I am only changing my master code files to reflect your preferences and providing a jar file and not source code. Also-- to insure that my tools are not sold by others-- I security lock to a client's specified sites-- meaning the tool will only execute from domains/or pages the user specified when ordering.

More cost information-- checkout the QiSoftware/Hosting-Q price list.

How to order? Send me an email [] or use my contact form-- telling me which tool you would like-- color and any other preferences. You will also need to provide the sites where the tool will be accessed from. I will then send a PayPal invoice and send you copies of the jar or class files that you will need to install-- along with detailed installation instructions.

Also keep in mind-- some of the tools demonstrated on WiredPages are Java servlets. Servlets require Java server side support. Research JSP [Java Server Side Support] Hosting and the cost to see if it is something you maybe interested in.

Hosting-Q the web hosting arm of QiSoftware offers JSP hosting. JSP Hosting-- allows sites to run Java Server Pages [JSP] and Servlets. In most cases these server tools are faster than PHP and other server side scripts. In addition, in most cases [servlets as opposed to Java Server Pages] are a more secure solution in terms of non-open source. That said-- find a Java developer that you like and trust -- to insure your tracking codes and other monetization tracking data-- is yours and not someone else's. This should be easy to check once the code is in place-- via review of your affiliate reports for your clicks and impressions and those of family and friends.

QiSoftware is a reliable Java Developer. I have a lot of notice... I cannot afford to even make a mistake with someone' else codes. QiSoftware is a good choice if you want fast server side Java affiliate interfaces.

You will also note that WiredPages- has several JavaScript and PHP/Curl interfaces. I also provide these types of services- however as a web developer-- prefer the non-script [open script: JavaScript/PHP/Perl], non-opensource solutions. I charge more for open source/script-- because there is nothing to stop clients from giving it away.

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