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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Commission Junction Interactive Product Search Example

Customization of interfaces for clients who have partnered with advertisers through major ad networks [i.e., Commission Junction, Linkshare, etc.], is an area I am constantly researching, and coming up with new ideas and ways to demonstrate the flexibility I can offer those needing these types of services.

I have done quite a bit of work with all of the major ad networks and have implemented several interfaces on WiredPages for demonstration.

The latest-- a search interface for one of my cosmetic CJ affiliates. The interface allows for the complete search of the advertiser's inventory. An illustration of the interface is on the right. The working interface is found on the WiredPages Style & Events page.

My interfaces are written using Java servlet technology, therefore making it more difficult for others to hijack or take credit for ads running on your sites. This is one of the areas that causes publishers to lose quite a bit of revenue. The other? The use of cookies by the major ad networks-- as a tracking mechanism.

I would love to build your next custom interface-- contact.

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