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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Custom Affiliate Marketing Interfaces

One of the many services QiSoftware offers-- custom interfaces for affiliate marketing. Examples of these tools are found throughout the news service WiredPages, which also doubles as a showcase site for QiSoftware efforts.

Recently, I reintegrated the Expedia powered travel deals widget maintained on the Dining & Travel page.

A little about the interface

The interface is a Java Servlet that pulls Expedia feeds [depending on the pull down menu selection]-- which contain Commission Junction [CJ] tracking information. Commission Junction offers webservices-- and I have integrated interfaces using theirs, however in the case of this Expedia interface-- I chose to use their feeds directly.

Commission Junction, BuyAT, LinkShare and the Google Affiliate Network all offer webservices, i.e., feeds, APIs, etc., for affiliate publishers and I have used their services to integrate ad interfaces.

The reasons I like Java Servlets for Affiliate Marketing:

Piracy, piracy and more piracy. Prevention of. I ensure affiliate publishers get credit for their ads-- by checking referer information, amongst other things. This in part, why my interfaces are custom. Styling-- another.

Two-- a Java Servlet is faster than a PHP script. I retrieve real time data when the user accesses pages with my interfaces. In other words-- I do not port data and load in local intermediary databases. This would be costly for my web host and the data is not always timely [depending on how often one exports data from the affiliate management service]. That said-- I can write custom interfaces using Java Servlets and JDBC for local databases that would be faster returning ad links for web pages-- than most script languages.

Other examples of QiSoftware Affiliate Interfaces:

Piracy is a big issue with me. I like ensuring publishers get credit for their work. My interfaces-- offer automation, style and are designed to ensure you get credit.

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